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Page Summary Last update Tagged with
AboutAudio How audio could be changed and implement 2023-01-01, 10:36 Development, help
AboutColors How playercolors are internally set 2023-01-01, 10:36 Development, help
AboutSourceCodeDocumentation A page concerning sourcecode documentation and what to do. 2023-01-01, 10:38 Development, help
Ai Training Theory about training AI (genetic algorithm) 2023-01-01, 10:38 Development, help
AiLuaFramework AI LUA Framework 2023-01-01, 10:40 Development, help, outdated
AmazonsPage Links to documentation, story, some other stuff 2023-01-01, 11:19 amazons, game, help
Artwork Banners and pictures for private use 2023-01-01, 13:17 community
AtlanteansPage Links to documentation 2023-01-01, 11:19 atlanteans, game, help
AtlanteanStory Storyboard of the Atlanteans 2023-01-09, 20:44 atlanteans, game, outdated, Story
Attachments FAQ for Forum attachments 2023-02-02, 16:21 forum, help
AudioClips Working area for development and discussion of audio clips 2023-01-01, 10:48 outdated
BarbariansPage Links to documentation, story, some other stuff 2023-01-01, 11:21 barbarians, game, help
BarbarianStory Barbarian story board 2023-01-01, 11:21 barbarians, game, Story
BarbarianStoryAPlaceToCallHome Restored 2023-01-01, 11:21 barbarians, game, Story
BarbarianStoryEyesInTheDark Reverted 2023-01-01, 11:22 barbarians, game, Story
BarbarianStoryHateAndDespite Restored 2023-01-01, 11:22 barbarians, game, Story
BarbarianStoryTheCitadelOfAdlen Restored 2023-01-01, 11:22 barbarians, game, Story
BarbarianStoryTheRiseOfTheTraitor Story 2023-01-01, 11:23 barbarians, game, Story
BarbarianStoryTheSecondEmpire Restored 2023-01-01, 11:23 barbarians, game, Story
BarbarianStoryThisLandIsOurLand Restored 2023-01-01, 11:24 barbarians, game, Story
BarbarianStoryThunderhand Restored 2023-01-01, 11:24 barbarians, game, Story
BlenderPerspective Page about the current perspective for renders (in blender) 2023-01-01, 11:02 Development, outdated
BlueprintFreshMeat New ideas about meat in the game (Blueprint) 2023-01-01, 11:01 Development, outdated
BlueprintMenus Blueprint for reworking the in game menus of wares, workers and buildings examining two aspects: the item's sorting and the illustration. 2023-01-01, 11:01 Development, outdated
BlueprintRegions Blueprint for better Region support in widelands. 2023-01-01, 10:59 Development, outdated
BlueprintSoldiersNotFromWarehouse The blueprint for SandyBeaches' suggestion to have soldiers produced at a separate building rather than at the warehouse. 2023-01-09, 16:41 archived
Building Widelands Instructions for building Widelands 2023-01-01, 11:07 Development, help
Building Widelands in Visual Studio This article explains how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to build and develop Widelands on Windows 2023-01-01, 11:06 Development
BuildingWidelandsUnderWindowsNew Build instruction for windows users to get recent trunk compiled 2023-05-16, 08:16 Development, help
BuildingWidelandsWIN10 This describes an attempt to build widelands on Windows 10 using the Ubuntu subystem 2023-01-01, 11:08 outdated
Building_Widelands_on_macOS Building widelands on OSX. 2023-01-01, 11:08 Development, help
CampaignCreation Campaign creation 2023-01-01, 11:25 Development, game, help
CampaignUi Syntax 2023-01-01, 11:12 outdated
ClientServerDesign Draft with the most important conclusions about a client/server design for Widelands. 2023-01-09, 16:42 archived
CodeHostingAndVCS The Pros and Cons of various code hosting providers, CI Services and version control systems 2023-04-03, 18:58 Development
CommunityPolls Discussion and list of rules for the community polls. 2023-01-01, 11:14 help
ContactPage Contacts 2024-02-19, 08:10 help
Contribute Shows the different ways of contributing to Widelands and how to get started. 2023-10-10, 09:04 Development, help
Creating Game Content Gives an overview about the possibilities to modify Widelands and link to pages for more details 2023-01-01, 11:17 Development, help
DebuggingDesyncs Help for debugging desyncs 2023-01-01, 11:16 Development, help
Description General help for the game 2023-01-01, 11:27 game, help
DescriptionCzech Introduction to Widelands game and universe 2023-01-01, 11:27 game, help
DescriptionFr French translation of the Description page of the game. 2023-01-01, 11:28 game, help
DescriptionGerman German translation of the Description page 2023-01-01, 11:28 game, help
DescriptionPolish Polish translation of the Description page 2023-01-01, 11:28 game, help
DescriptionScottishGaelic Scottish Gaelic translation of the description page. 2023-01-01, 11:29 game, help
DescriptionSpanish Description of Widelands in spanish. 2023-01-01, 11:29 game, help
Development Development content site 2023-01-09, 10:21 Development, help
DevelopmentgameContent These pages are for documentation of Widelands' game content like tribes, worlds, campaigns and so on. This section might be interesting for develo 2023-01-09, 16:35 Development, game, help
Dither_Layers Current values for dither_layer 2023-01-01, 11:35 Development, help
Documentation Rules Documentation Rules and Workflow 2023-01-01, 11:36 Development, help
Download How to get Widelands, where to download. 2024-03-31, 13:47 game
DownloadFr French translation of the download page. 2023-04-14, 12:10 game, outdated
DownloadSpanish How to get Widelands, were to download in Spanish. Flags in the summary of 2024-03-31, 13:47 game
EditorHelp Editor main page 2023-01-01, 11:39 editor, game, outdated
EditorHelpHelp Help page for the editor 2023-01-01, 11:40 editor, game, outdated
EditorHelpMainMenu Editor help - main menu 2023-01-01, 11:41 editor, game, outdated
EditorHelpPlayerOptions Editor help - player options 2023-01-01, 11:41 editor, game, outdated
EditorHelpToolMenu Editor help - tool menu 2023-01-09, 10:16 editor, help, outdated
EditorHelpToolsizeMenu Editor help -toolsize menu 2023-01-01, 11:43 editor, help, outdated
EditorHelpTutorial Editor Tutorial, Hauptseite 2023-01-01, 11:47 editor, game, help
EditorHilfeTutorial Editor Tutorial, Hauptseite 2023-01-01, 11:44 editor, game, outdated
EditorTutorialGestaltGelaende Editor Tutorial, Strukturierung des Geländes 2023-01-01, 11:48 delete, editor, game, outdated
EditorTutorialHeightLevels Editor tutorial, heightmap 2023-01-01, 11:48 editor, game, help, outdated
EditorTutorialHoehenStufen Editor Tutorial, Höhenausformung in der Karte 2023-01-01, 11:49 editor, game, outdated
EditorTutorialNeueKarte Editor Tutorial, Erstellung einer Karte 2023-01-01, 11:49 editor, game, outdated
EditorTutorialNewMap Editor tutorial, creating a map 2023-01-01, 11:50 editor, game, outdated
EditorTutorialPlaceResources Editor tutorial, placing resources 2023-01-01, 11:51 editor, game, outdated
EditorTutorialPlatzierungRessourcen German translation - Final Edit by Admins required. 2023-01-01, 11:51 editor, game, outdated
EditorTutorialRemainingStuff Editor help, last part 2023-01-01, 11:51 editor, game, outdated
EditorTutorialShapeTerrain Editor tutorial, shaping the terrain 2023-01-01, 11:52 editor, game, outdated
EmpirePage Description of Empire tribe 2023-01-01, 11:52 empire, game, help
EmpireStory Empire story board 2023-01-01, 11:53 editor, game, Story
EmpireStoryAnOutpostForExile Second mission of Empire tutorial 2023-01-01, 11:54 editor, game, Story
EmpireStoryEmpireProtagonists Empire protagonists 2023-01-01, 11:54 editor, game, Story
EmpireStorySummary Summary of the Empire story 2023-01-01, 11:55 editor, game, outdated, Story
EmpireStorytheStrandsOfMalacMor This page explains the story of the first scenario of the Empire tutorial campaign. 2023-01-01, 11:55 editor, game, Story
ForumHelp This page describes the usage of the Forum. 2023-01-01, 11:56 forum, help
FrisiansStory The frisian campaign story 2023-01-06, 12:27 frisians, game, Story
Game Manual A start page to give a quick overview and link to more detailed pages. 2024-03-02, 06:46 game, help
GameCustomizing How To customize the widelands game 2023-01-01, 11:59 Development, help
GameHelpatlanteans The atlantean history 2023-01-01, 11:59 atlanteans, game, help
GameHelpbasicInterface Page to describe the basic interface of the game 2023-01-01, 12:01 game, help, outdated
GameHelpbuildingANewEconomy Help page 2023-01-01, 12:01 game, help, outdated
GameHelpempire Links 2023-01-01, 12:02 empire, game, help
GameHelpInGame Description of buttons and windows while playing widelands 2023-01-01, 12:09 game, help
GameHelpmilitaryAndWarfare Military help 2023-01-01, 12:12 game, help
GameHelpMultiplayer Full multiplayer menu & game help 2023-01-08, 15:31 game, help
GameHelpquickstart Quickstart 2023-01-01, 12:10 game, help
GameHelpSinglePlayer Help for Single Player menu 2023-01-01, 12:12 game, help, outdated
GarrisonOnAttackables New feature proposal 2023-01-09, 16:42 archived
GenericMovementSuggestions From old wiki 2023-01-09, 16:43 archived
GettingStarted This page contains information helpful for those who wish to contribute game content to the project. 2023-10-10, 09:10 Development, help, outdated
GitPrimer Guide for using git, with comparison between bazaar and git 2023-10-10, 09:29 Development, help
GoogleSummerofCode Wideland's participation in Google Summer of Code 2023-01-01, 12:16 Development
GraphicsDevelopment Information for Graphicians 2024-01-03, 21:23 Development, help
HelpTerrains How terrains are handled 2023-01-01, 12:18 Development, help
HomepageDocuTimeDisplay Explain the syntax of time_display here 2023-01-01, 12:18 forum, help
How to Write a Good Bug Report Guidelines and best practices for how to write a useful bug report 2023-10-10, 09:24 Development, game, help
Intro Description about Intro of the game 2023-01-01, 12:24 Development, game
IrcBridgeImprovements Blueprint IRCBridge 2023-01-01, 12:26 Development
LinksPage Various links 2023-10-10, 09:08 help
LuaScripting Scripting Widelands using Lua 2023-01-01, 12:29 Development, help
MailLists List of mailing lists 2023-01-01, 12:30 help
Main Page Main page of the wiki 2023-01-01, 12:32 forum, game, help, wiki
Naval Warfare Quickstart Guide Document the experimental Naval Warfare feature until it gets a tutorial. 2024-01-31, 01:06
NorthmenPage Northmen page 2023-01-01, 12:36 frisians, game
RegressionTests Short description of commands to run regression tests and codecheck. 2023-01-01, 12:37 Development, help
ReleasingWidelands Steps to release a widelands build 2023-01-01, 12:38 Development, help
ReportingBugs How to report bugs 2023-10-10, 09:18 Development, help
ResourceMining This document presents a model for resource dynamics. 2023-01-09, 16:43 archived
RoadMap The Widelands roadmap 2023-01-09, 09:49 delete, Development, outdated
Scenario Tutorial Scenario tutorial, which should give some help for creating a scenario 2023-01-01, 12:40 Development, help
SeafaringImplementation Blueprint for seafaring 2023-01-09, 16:44 archived
Second Widelands Map Contest Page of the second Widelands map contest 2023-01-09, 16:44 archived
SoldierLevels explanation of soldier levels and fighting 2023-01-01, 12:43 game, outdated
SoundEffects List of sound effects 2023-01-01, 12:44 game, outdated
SourceCodeRepositoryPolicy Source Code Repository Policy 2023-10-10, 09:22 Development, help
StatisticsSavedOnMetaServer Blueprint 2023-01-09, 16:45 archived
StockLevels This is a proposed blueprint for a single universal concept for improving all aspects of material and military distribution. 2023-01-01, 12:54 Development, game, outdated
Technical FAQ Technical related FAQ 2023-01-08, 15:33 game, help
Terminology Correspondence Table Lists Terminology changes for the tribes 2023-01-01, 13:20 Development, game
TestingBranches Instructions on how to test Widelands development builds. 2023-10-10, 09:15 Development, help
The Widelands Project General Infos about Widelands 2023-01-01, 13:23 game
TheTribes The tribes overview page 2023-01-01, 13:25 amazons, atlanteans, barbarians, empire, frisians, game, help
Tips and Tricks This article offers miscellaneous tips and tricks for advanced gameplay. 2023-01-01, 13:25 game, help
TranslatingGerman Instructions for translating into German 2023-01-01, 13:32 Development, game, help, outdated
TranslatingScottishGaelic Instructions for Translating into Scottish Gaelic (gd) 2023-01-01, 13:32 Development, game, help
TranslatingSpanish TranslatingSpanish 2023-01-01, 13:32 Development, game, help
TranslatingTheWiki How to translate 2023-01-01, 13:33 delete, help, outdated, wiki
TranslatingWidelands Translation of Widelands 2023-04-22, 19:25 Development, game, help
TranslationMaintenance Updating gettext catalogs and fetching translations. Validating translations. 2023-01-01, 13:41 Development, game, help
TriagingBugs Triaging and working with bugs and bug reports. 2023-10-10, 09:13 Development, help, outdated
UsabilityWareSorting This blueprint aims to improve the usability of wares lists especially for beginners, by making the arrangement of the wares more logical by grouping 2023-01-09, 16:46 archived
WidelandsArtEthics Explanation of the philosophy behind Widelands visual and audio design. 2023-01-01, 13:48 Development, game
WidelandsFaqPlaying FaqPlaying for beginners 2023-01-01, 13:50 game, help
WidelandsGoingCMake Documentation of the transition to CMake 2023-01-09, 16:46 archived
WidelandsHosting Comparison of available/acceptable hosters for the Widelands development 2023-01-09, 16:47 archived
WiHackTwentyEleven Skeleton, copied from WiHack 2010 Reloaded 2023-01-01, 13:52 community
WiHackTwentyTen Information about WiHack 2010 2023-01-01, 13:52 community
WiHackTwentyTenReloaded Summarized information about the next Wihack 2023-01-01, 13:52 community
WikiHelp How to use the Wiki 2023-01-09, 16:40 help, wiki
WikiSandbox Play around with the different wiki syntaxes 2023-02-09, 19:22 wiki
WikiSyntax Wiki Syntax breakdown 2023-01-01, 13:54 help, wiki
WLTournament2016FullStatistics This page contains all the statistical information available about the 2016 tournament. 2023-01-01, 13:54 community
WLTournament2017 Widelands tournament 2017. All information available 2023-01-01, 13:55 community
WLTournament2019 WL Tournament 2019 Stats and rankings 2023-01-01, 13:55 community
WLTournamentTwentyFifteen announcement and rules WLT 2015 2023-01-01, 13:55 community
WLTournamentTwentySixteen rules and bracket 2023-01-01, 13:55 community
WLTournamentTwentyTen WL Tounament 2010 2023-01-01, 13:55 community
WLTournamentTwentyThirteen Announcement + rules for WL Tournament 2013 2023-01-01, 13:56 community
WLTournamentTwentyTwelve Tournament2012 2023-01-01, 13:56 community
WorkerDistribution Worker Distribution blueprint 2023-01-09, 16:47 archived