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Do you want to help?

You came here because you are interested in contributing to Widelands? That is great! There are many ways to help making Widelands an even better game.


The easiest way to contribute is to make your own map and share it with others by uploading it to our maps repository. In the main menu of Widelands, you should find a button to start the editor. Your own map could also be the base to create a new campaign .

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Report a Bug

Another easy way to help is to report a bug whenever you find one in the game. All you need is an account for either or (whichever one you prefer) to file bug reports in our bugtracker(Codeberg · GitHub). Please also read how to write a good bug report . You can help us further by testing development builds .

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  • Technical Help - If you aren't sure about a bug or if you don't want to create a Codeberg or GitHub account
  • Game suggestions - For suggestions on gameplay or gamehandling
  • Editor forum - For suggestions to the Editor


In case you speak a language other than English, you are invited to help translating Widelands into your language. Just log in at Transifex and start translating at the Widelands translation page. Read Translating Widelands carefully for more information. You can use the Glossary as a reference for frequently used terms.

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If you know LUA, you can also try to create a scenario map similar to the campaign maps in Widelands.

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You know how to make great graphics and want to improve some of Widelands' game art? Visit the graphics development page.

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Music and Sound

You are a sound artist or music composer and want to add one of your creations to Widelands? Just post them in the Sound & Music Development forums. More information about music and sounds can be found on the About Audio page.

Widelands Code

The Website

The website just got an major overhaul but there are a lot of bugs and missing features. If you know Python and the Django Framework, feel free to help. The code for the website can also be found on GitHub. On getting the code, see Gitprimer.


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