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This is a collection of links to Widelands-related stuff. It includes links to former and current project pages for Widelands itself as well as links to external and foreign-language pages.

Current Project Hosting

The project is hosted both on Codeberg and on GitHub, and the two environments are automatically mirrored by a bot, so that each contributor may choose to use whichever developer environment they prefer.

Widelands Development

Website Development

Metaserver Development

Media Files

  • Project Page
    • Project page on Launchpad.
  • File Hosting
    • Website-related branches page on Launchpad.
  • Bug Tracker
    • We're using the main Widelands bug tracker on Codeberg or GitHub - use the "media" label.

Former Project Hosting on Launchpad

Website Development

Metaserver Development

Former Project Hosting on SourceForge

  • Project Page
    • Project page on Mostly stuff from before the move to Launchpad.
  • Mailing Lists
    • List of all the mailing lists.
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