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Topic: Frisian campaign - can not build Smelter

At Forum: Playing Widelands

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Yesterday 21:11 hessenfarmer "sorry for writing in german. here a short translation of my previous post:..."
Yesterday 15:41 Lawrence "Ich bin ein DUMBKOPT. Ich nicht gemacht meine hausaufgarbe (in high school). ..."
2022-01-09, 22:31 PeterPiper "thanks for the Information. I am slowly but surely getting the hang of it. I ..."
2022-01-05, 23:12 hessenfarmer "Also die Messages werden in der Regel durch die Abbarbeitung der Missionsziel..."
2022-01-05, 22:53 PeterPiper "Ich glaube nicht dass ich dies bezüglich schon beraten worden bin! Ich habe d..."
2022-01-05, 22:34 hessenfarmer "you need to listen to your scenario advisors. frisians can regain some metal..."
2022-01-05, 22:31 PeterPiper "Wait a minute! even at the begining I have no iron, no miner and no pick. How..."
2022-01-05, 22:08 PeterPiper "I have a coal mine and a iron mine built but there are no miners. and there i..."
2022-01-05, 09:53 Nordfriese "Hi PeterPiper and welcome to the forum The furnace becomes available after ..."
2022-01-05, 01:39 PeterPiper "Hi Great game! I have been playing Widelands for about 5 years. I was a Barba..."

Topic: using more paths for transport

At Forum: Game Suggestions

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Yesterday 21:05 hessenfarmer " Lawrence wrote: Hi Guys I have found that sometimes when my roads get clogge..."
Yesterday 15:27 Lawrence "Hi Guys I have found that sometimes when my roads get clogged I need to remov..."
2022-01-16, 11:58 BoeseKaiser "Hi Kreshj, welcome. I'm pretty sure that this is already the case, even thou..."
2022-01-15, 19:56 kreshj "Hi all, I just started playing this game but noticed the game does not try to..."

Topic: Installation doesn't works on WSL with apt

At Forum: Technical Help

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Yesterday 11:26 Nordfriese "Hi global667 and welcome to the forums Actually we do provide our daily bui..."
2022-01-18, 08:40 kaputtnik "Hi global667 and welcome to the forums! Ubuntu Jammy is not an official ubunt..."
2022-01-18, 04:49 global667 "Hello, On Win 11 / WSL with ubuntu jammy I get this error when I run apt get..."

Topic: Multifunctional Artefacts

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2022-01-15, 22:49 Solstice_s_Return "I don't know if anyone else would like to have this feature, but with my new ..."

Topic: Better Scaling of Buildings and Goods

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2022-01-12, 11:40 hessenfarmer "each model that can be reexported in the correct scales of our 4 zooming step..."
2022-01-12, 09:37 tothxa "I was able to load some old models and scripts in Blender 2.79 on my Debian o..."
2022-01-11, 20:22 hessenfarmer "there is only one solution for this. We need to find someone who knows blende..."
2022-01-11, 14:44 the-x "I thought about scaling & experimented a bit. In my opinion, buildings, goods..."

Topic: The Art of Settlers

At Forum: Map Editor Forum

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2022-01-11, 17:01 the-x "For all the interested Players, i will make some introduction on my channel: ..."
2022-01-07, 16:03 the-x "I created a Map which follows the Idea of everything you can do in an epic "m..."

Topic: Active Players

At Forum: Playing Widelands

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2022-01-11, 13:32 the-x "This week I will have some time for nice Widelands Games - please tell me you..."
2021-12-29, 13:59 the-x "If you like to have a widelands game you can write me anytime per PM and whic..."

Topic: Updating an addon; screenshots

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2022-01-11, 12:38 Nordfriese "Ah… this is a bug in the server code where it is assumed that descriptions ar..."
2022-01-11, 12:27 kaputtnik " Nordfriese wrote: Screenshots are assumed to be created with the in-game scr..."
2022-01-11, 12:18 Nordfriese "Screenshots are assumed to be created with the in-game screenshot feature (F1..."
2022-01-11, 12:10 kaputtnik "Just trying to update the minimalistic theme, but it takes ages to upload all..."

Topic: Revert Font on the main menu screen

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2022-01-08, 16:33 Nordfriese "I agree with the first post that the new main menu logo is not really consist..."
2022-01-08, 16:10 stonerl "@Nordfriese, that is true, indeed. Would it be preferable to have one that fi..."
2022-01-07, 18:45 Nordfriese "We have at least three colour schemes: The one from the website and editor lo..."
2022-01-06, 16:10 kaputtnik "The font is still the same, but Nuytren has changed the colors Or didn't you ..."
2022-01-06, 15:42 hessenfarmer "having the same font of our logo in all places would be nice. But we should k..."
2022-01-06, 15:22 stonerl "With build 20 or so, we had a contribution from a user, who designed a new fo..."

Topic: Bugs

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2022-01-07, 12:12 hessenfarmer " Noobium wrote: Initial head quarters of players / computer opponents should ..."
2022-01-07, 09:41 Noobium "Initial head quarters of players / computer opponents should only be build wh..."

Topic: Ausbilder werden nicht rekrutiert

At Forum: [Deutsch] - Spielerforum

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2022-01-05, 11:23 Nordfriese "Das Spiel versucht schon aktiv, bei der optimalen Warenverteilung zu helfen; ..."
2022-01-05, 10:07 FIchtelzwerg "Hallo Nordfriese, vielen Dank für die rasche Antwort. Sofern die Waren nicht ..."
2022-01-05, 09:59 Nordfriese "Moin FIchtelzwerg und willkommen im Forum Um einen Ausbilder zu erstellen, ..."
2022-01-05, 09:12 FIchtelzwerg "Hallo allerseits, Zuerst einmal möchte ich mich bei den Entwicklern für diese..."

Topic: Upscaled Splash Screen

At Forum: Game Suggestions

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2022-01-01, 23:20 Nordfriese "Great I made a codechange to allow the splashscreen to be scaled to fit so ..."
2022-01-01, 13:31 stonerl "I resized it to 2592x1944, have a look. "
2021-12-31, 18:17 Nordfriese "Hi again This looks amazing, seems I wasn't keeping up with what modern alg..."
2021-12-31, 16:06 stonerl "Hi folks, Long time no see. I was wondering for a long time how the splash im..."

Topic: Updated flatpak available

At Forum: Technical Help

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2022-01-01, 12:22 tothxa "A new development version is available on flathub-beta."

Topic: Soldier auto-fighter in webassembly

At Forum: Playing Widelands

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2021-12-27, 17:19 kaputtnik "That worked for me with this differences, maybe archlinux specific: install ..."
2021-12-27, 16:40 kaputtnik "Thanks will try that..."
2021-12-27, 12:23 leklachu "OTOH you need rust toolchain (courtesy of rustup) target wasm32-unknown-unkn..."
2021-12-27, 12:16 leklachu "I build it with trunk: install with cargo install --lock..."
2021-12-27, 11:38 kaputtnik "I've tried to run the app locally, but i can't get it to work. After install..."
2021-12-25, 01:20 hessenfarmer "Hey great work. merry christmas as well from my side and I wish you full re..."
2021-12-24, 22:33 leklachu " We allow only minimal tags and attributes Ah great. v0.3 is here As promise..."

Topic: Widelands stürzt wegen Mehrspieler ab

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2021-12-27, 17:00 kaputtnik "Kannst Du die Datei stdout.txt auf Deinem Rechner finden (sollte im gleichen ..."
2021-12-27, 16:42 Killua_erik "Ich habe das heruntergeladen was bei ,,Windows 64-Bit". Ich nehme an, dass es..."
2021-12-27, 16:40 kaputtnik "Ich komme problemlos in die Lobby. Ausgabe zeigt allerdings: [00:00:07.854 re..."
2021-12-27, 15:54 Killua_erik "Wenn ich versuche ,,Internetspiel" zu öffnen stürzt es ab. Ein Neustart hilft..."

Topic: Diverging score graphs in multiplayer

At Forum: Technical Help

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2021-12-21, 20:36 PkK "I've opened a bug report:"