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The website is a privately owned page to exchange knowledge and experience about the free, open source game Widelands. There are no financial goal or interest.

Project lead

  • Benedikt Straub (Nordfriese) (Since 2022)
  • GunChleoc (2016 – 2022)
  • Holger Rapp (SirVer) (2001 – 2016)


There are several possibilities to get in contact. For questions about the game or the contents of the website please take a look at our Contact page or post in the forums. Use the one of the following methods if you do not want to make an account:

  • E-Mail Holger Rapp: sirver(at)
  • Contact form. Using this form sends E-Mails to following person(s):
    • sirver:
    • nordfriese:
    • janus:
    • kaputtnik:
    • hessenfarmer: