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Mission 2 - "Thunderhand"

Introduction - Kelat speaks: It feels good to know that Colintan is well kept and safe in Adlen. I truly miss the summers we spent walking around the blossoming fields around Dane. We were so young and so ignorant. I would never have believed anyone telling me, that destiny would drive us so far along different roads. But yet everyone is where he belongs and I know I can always count on him. Timon comes to report me everyday. I ordered him to take any help he needs in order to get more information from these wilds. Somehow they scare me. I can’t really say what it is, but I don’t feel at ease about their sudden appearance and the shadow that lies on them. It seems like there is something …. I don’t know. I have never been into the thought, that the priests may be of real value when it comes to politics. These people are so narrow-minded and ignorant of the relevant facts. Yet they are educated men and the only ones to be able to understand this strange tongue. But Timon gets excited about every news he gets from the appearance of even more refugees and tries to get them to his temple as quickly as possible. Either he truly IS weird or a realy hard-working man. I don’t know, but as long as I get the information I need it’s al right with me. Most of the men are merely dead when they are found in the mountains and it’s not a good idea to keep them travelling for to long afterwards. They usually die anyway, so the faster they get here, the higher their chances to survive. Today I received message from Adlen saying that Colitan has vanquished his mountain tribe about which he was so enraged once in a while. I think it’s in his blood, seeing the enemy and not being able to strike him drives him insane. I just hope he prepares the citadel as I ordered. These nightmares about war keep haunting me almost every night now, though nobody knows, I truly believe that hard times are ahead.

We lost two trading ships this months to the pirates again. Thunderhand as they call this ominous captain lead both of the attacks as I was told. I am really getting worried about the safety of the oversea trading routes. I wonder what makes those pirates so aggressive and so threatening? They have attacked and sunk half a dozen of our warships … as if they were more numerous and powerful than just a horde of drunk seamen …

  • Mission – Strike back the pirates. During the game, the northern lines of Adlen are attacked by the pirates tribe, supported by the Atlantics (why? we’ll see later). When the mission starts, the pirates should immediately attack and destroy a wide area of the players land. Thus the mission is to reconquer the area and destroy the two tribes. Colitan should worry strongly about who they are and what they want. And please let the pirates cast some really nasty commands, their captain Thunderhand is a really mighty bastard and he will be damned important for the story!

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