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Translating the WIKI

This page is outdated

There is no way to translate pages in the current wiki

This page will be updated, when (if) the system is implemented

This page should be a guideline for translating the WIKI to other languages.

First of all, what should/can be translated? :-)

Well, that's a good question, because more than half of our WIKI is filled up with development-stuff, which isn't interesting to endusers and which should have only one version, which is in English, to not spread confusion. So the pages, which might be translated are the enduser-pages:

  • Everything under "General", with exception of the_Roadmap_
  • Everything under "Help"

While translation, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Our main language of the WIKI is English, so if a change was made to Widelands, the English content should be updated, before the translated-pages, so everyone can read it and translate it to further languages.
  • If you translate a string that was not translated before, please keep in mind, that it should stay readable for all other languages, as well. So please put the orginal heading/text in the language brakets for every language (just keep it English if you don't know the translation - it's better to show up an English Text, than no text.
  • Please try to keep the Wiki-Source as readable as possible.

You might think that keeping the name of the source-page looks unfamiliar on a translated page and of course, you are right :-) So for this, just use similar code like:

Die Stämme


A template which you can use for easier translation can be found here

Okay, but how to translate than?

That's quite easy. Every page that may be translated will be split in headings, blocks and sections. In the following graphic you can see a short example. Only language that is translated here is German (de), all other will show up the English text. The comments ( ) won't show up in the page, just in source. At the end of the example is some general text, without langcode around, which will show up in every language:


For any questions, just ask on the Index.Php?Title=TalktranslatingTheWiki&Action=EditPage of this page or write Userwl.NasenbaerPage  :-)


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