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Tutorial to Using the Widelands' Map Editor

Create a New Map

We begin by launching the Editor from the Widelands Main Menu. The Editor starts up with a standard map, flat, consisting of steppe, 64 fields broad and high. For starters, let's create our own map with different settings.

Image Description
editor-tutorial-new-map-en.jpg To do that, we open the Editor's Main Menu (the most left button at the screen's bottom) and choose New Map.

This opens the New Map Options Menu. Now is the time to reflect what kind of map we want to create - huge, small, square or not, which kind of world (blackland, desert, greenland or winterland?) and so on. Let us make a rather small map, higher than wide, for a quick game between two players.

Image Description
editor-tutorial-new-map-dialog-en.jpg We increase the map's width to 80 and the height to 96. As world type we choose greenland. To have the Editor generate the map we click at Create Map.

The Editor now creates a map of desired size. It is absolutely flat and plain, consisting solely of steppe-terrain.

Now it's up to us to shape the terrain to an island fun to play upon.

Shaping the terrain
Height levels
Placing resources and bobs
Remaining stuff

Tutorial start
Editor Help

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