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Mission 1 - "The citadel of Adlen"

Introduction - Colintan speaks: It’s been months since I last came to see to golden walls of Dane, the eternal city where I spend so many happy summers. The gardens still bloom at this time of the year, despite the cold winds that blow from the north. I was called to the shrine to meet the protector herself. I still can’t believe that the girl that spend days hunting deer in the forest and summoning nature’s spirits in the dawn has grown to become to mightiest women of our time. She hasn’t changed a bit and I still see the flickering in her eyes when I wear that mean smile she used to love so. Timon, high priest of Dan was called to side and consult her in this cause.

He seems worried, that the refugees could increase in number and strength. I think he fears, that to many refugees could cross the passes of Hon and infiltrate the protectorate. My troops keep picking them up strolling and wandering around the northern paths, most of them are nearly dead and starved to the bone. I can’t see how they could really threaten us. Yet Kelat is worried. Until the priests can get a senseful phrase out of the wild’s moth, she wants to know about every single man that walks around the frontiers of the protectorate. I have been granted men and material to fortify my citadel in Adlen and to multiply the number of men that observe to frontier lines. That should at least do my some good in defeating the last of the wild mountain tribes that keep attacking my patrols on the west flanks. It should give some training to my soldiers as well.

  • Mission – Destroy the savage mountain tribe.

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