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Tutorial 2 - "A place to call home"

Introduction – Thron spreaks: “The war goes on. More and more of our brothers and sisters flee to brutal war that rage in the capitol among the trees. Their stories they tell about the being of our kind are sad to hear. I’ve spent nights laying away and tears stream down my face. I wake at night and see the fortress my father built eaten by the flames and red by blood. The throne among the trees, the symbol of unity and peace among our kinds became the wedge that drives us apart. Today my hunters brought men and women, children and little babies that hided out there in the forests, trying to escape war, hate and revenge that rage among the tribes that fight each other like in old times, when we were not more the wild beasts and creatures driven and controlled by instincts. None of my brothers will ever gain and hold control over the wood throne, none of the tribes will be strong enough to subdue the other. There will be no end to this slaughtering, unless … is this it? As father told me? Rise against whoever threatens our very existence may it even be one of your blood or mind? Boldreth seems more and more torn as the days go by. The minds of my fellows sink as the cold season approaches and we are still living in no more than huts and barracks. I never intended to stay out here in the wilderness for so long – but I never thought my brothers would engage in this senseless battle for so long. Perhaps it’s time to make us feel at little more at ease here. Perhaps it’s time to give those who still live and think united a new home, replacing what is now lost to us? Until we can return to the place we once called our home.”

  • Mission – Introduce higher production buildings, including mining. Military expansions should be introduced as well, though not the military production system and soldier training.

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