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WL Tournament 2015

There will be a new WL tournament in 2015! As it was in the past tournaments, the ambition is to have fun playing many games and perhaps to find bugs. One innovation is that it will be a Team Tournament, so every game will be a 2 vs 2.

Questions can be posted in the according forum thread or addressed directly to Kristin.

Who can participate?

Its open for everyone: Developers, casual gamers, fans, followers, everyone. Playing together is possible via internet or local network. Because of the bracket, the number of participants has to be a multiple of 2. So the first 4/6/8/10/12... players registrating will be in.


  • Registrating: until January 6th 2015
  • Preliminaries: January - March 2015
  • Finals: March - April 2015


  • For fun!
  • To go down into the annals of history as one of the participants of the fourth Widelands Tournament
  • To have the chance to get an(other) WL-Winner-T-Shirt face-smile.png

How to register?

  • per private message to Kristin: clicky
    1. your (nick)name
    2. indication which tribe you will play in the first game
    3. if you have already a team mate: his/her nick name and the name of your team (if you don‘t have a team mate, don‘t worry, you will find one)
  • until January 6th


  • I‘d like to play a double elimination, so one lost game does not mean you cannot win the tournament but every team plays at least two games. Double elimination is only possible when there are 16 participants ( = 8 teams). If we have less participants, we will do a single elimination bracket or include a group round.
  • 2 vs. 2
  • The teams will be formed by the players. You can search for a team mate in the [forum thread] or in the IRC chat. If you don‘t know or get to know a team mate until the end of the registration period, I can propose the participants who registrated alone to each other.
  • The games should be played in teams (not „shared Kingdom“): So the two team members have different colors and may have different tribes, but they can see each other and can not attack each other. Before you play, check in the Game Setup that there is the same team number after you and your team mate.
  • Team combinations (which team vs which team) will be drawn randomly and presented here.
  • The win condition is Autocrat if possible for the map. If not, we will find another win condition (Collectors or Territorial Time) for the map.
  • There will be 2 - 8 games per team. For every game, the players will have 1-2 weeks. When the players agreed to a time for the game we could announce it on the homepage so other persons could join as spectators.
  • Playing which tribe? Your favorite! When you register, include which tribe you want to play in your first match. After the game, let Kristin know which tribe you want to play in your next match. So its determined, but secret until the start of the next game.
  • Playing which map? For each game, there is a predetermined map. The maps for the first two games are Desert Tournament (blue, red vs. yellow, green, Win Condition Autocrat) and The Nile (white, yellow vs. purple, orange, Win Condition Autocrat). The maps for the following games will be indicated in the bracket.
  • The game version should be build 18 or a newer development version. Take care that every 4 players of a game use the same game version.
  • Games are hosted by one of the 4 players or another person. To find someone, who hosts a game for players, ask in the IRC chat.
  • After every game, all 4 players send a private message to Kristin with
    1. We won! / We lost
    2. indication which tribe he plays in the next game.
    3. One of the winners has to send in a replay of the game (see next section for instructions). You will receive an email address to send the replay to.
    4. Please also add the version of the game (as that is important to be able to watch the replays).

Where do I find the replays I have to send in?

A replay consists of two files (a .wgf and a .wrpl); both must be sent in. Widelands saves those files into its replays directory automatically. You have to send both files via Mail to Kristin. Also include the version of widelands you played (the information in the bottom right corner in the main menu of widelands) as Kristin needs to use precisely this version to check the files.

To find the right replay: the naming of the replay is the date and time it was created + whether it was a multiplayer or single player game. If you are unsure, best run the replays via the replay menu in Widelands' main menu.

Replays are saved in the following places for the different operating systems:


In <userhomedir>\.widelands\replays where <userhomedir> is the Directory all user data is saved in (e.g. C:\User\Nasenbaer ). Zip the two corresponding files up and send them in.

Mac OS X

In ~/.widelands/replays. This folder is hidden by default, access it via the Open Folder menu item in the Finder (Keyboard shortcut is Shift+Cmd+G). Enter ~/.widelands/replays in the location bar and click the Ok button. Zip up the two files of your game for easier sending.


In '~/.widelands/replays'. Zip the two corresponding files up and send them in.


The bracket (who is playing who) can be found here.


You can download the replays of the games already played here.

Make sure to have the same game version as the replay to watch them. The version of the replay is indicated at the end of the replay name.

To get older game versions, you have to build them yourself (see BuildingWidelands ) or use a daily build if available (see Download_Unofficial_development_builds ).

To watch a downloaded replay, you have to unzip the file and put the two files (.wrpl and .wrpl.wgf) into the widelands folder "replays" (this folder may be hidden). Then you can open the replay in your game by chosing "watch replay" at the beginning.

Forum Thread WLTournament 2015
Contact Kristin for questions


January 9th

The tournament game (Group 1) between Kuvastin (Teppo & Oiva) and Team B (tando & _aD) is planned for Sunday January 11th at 18:00 CET. If you want to see the game live, you can join as a spectator. The replay will be uploaded on the wiki site.

January 17th

The first two games have been played. You find the replays here: replays.
If you don't know how to watch them, have a look at the replay section of this article.

January 22nd

There where two games yesterday. The replays are here.
The savegames of the game juma vs Empire's Citadel are three parts because of player's network problems during the game. And these 3 savegame parts cannot be opened by some players because of a bug. This bug is already reported here. If you have more information about it, please add a comment to the bug report.

January 25th

Another replay is added (juma - Kuvastin). The replay of the game juma - Empire's Citadel should now be to open.

February 4th

Cghislai cannot play in the tournament because his internet connection is too slow. Do you want to replace him as a tournament player? Then please send me a PM until next Sunday (Feb.8th): Kristin. For questions, please don't hesitate to ask me, too.

March 9th

We need another team mate to replace Dhy-Sle-an-nder! Do you want to play? Then please send a PM until next thursday (March 12th) to me: Kristin.
Information about the tournament is on the wiki site WLTournamentTwentyFifteen. And please don't hesitate to contact me for questions, too.

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