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02 - An outpost for exile

Diary page 5

A new island Diary of Lutius
lutius.png Finally! This island appears to be made for us, it is a gift from the Gods to my people and myself.
Until now, we have only seen a small part of this island, but this part alone is already bringing sunlight in my mind. I feel as if we have found a priceless treasure, a land like paradise.
On this island, we will start our new life. We will build up an outpost for our exile, which perhaps will become a new, beautiful home for every one of us.

Diary page 5.1

The green forests Diary of Lutius
lutius.png As Saledus and I walked through these wonderful forests in the north, we felt that our future had just begun. This land is so peaceful, good and beautiful, I could stay here until the end of my life.
But until that day, may many years pass! For now, we must concentrate on the present, and build a few lumberjack's houses and a sawmill to produce some basic building materials.
But we shouldn't forget to preserve this natural bounty. These forests should last forever, so we really should build a forester's house too.
* Build three lumberjack's houses, a forester's house and a sawmill.

Diary page 5.2

The rocks Diary of Lutius
lutius.png Later, I walked down to the rocks in the south and looked for a place where we can build a quarry to get some hard stone for our larger buildings.
Again, I felt like I'm in paradise when I noticed that some marble-like stones were among the rocks. It seems that we will soon be able to build strong, luxurious buildings, like those we were accustomed to in Fremil.
* Build a quarry to the south of your headquarters.

Diary page 6

Wood for the colony Diary of Lutius
lutius.png Good news! Today our wood economy was completed. Now we can be sure to have enough wood for our future building projects.\

Diary page 7

Stone for the colony Diary of Lutius
lutius.png Great, today the building of the quarry was completed. Now we get enough stone to construct larger buildings.

Saledus 1

Dangerous shipparts Saledus looks unhappy
saledus.png Greetings Lutius, I don't want to start a panic, but I found something which gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach and spreads waves of fear in my heart. As I walked down to the southern strands I found the remains of another ship. I don't know whether these parts are all that is left of that ship. Inn any case: these parts do not seem to be old.
Perhaps the people aboard that ship were caught in the same storm which brought us to Malac' Mor - and were brought to this island.
I beg you to be cautious and to build some barracks or sentries around our colony.
* Build some barracks and sentries around the colony.

Saledus 2

Marble on the mountain Saledus smiles
saledus.png Lutius, I've got good news for you:
As I walked to the east, I found a larger mountain.
I am not absolutely sure - a geologist should check if I am right - but I believe we could mine marble from some places on the mountain.
It would be a good source to bolster our supply of quality marble, beyond the meagre quantities available from the quarry. Perhaps you were right when you said that this island is like paradise.
Let us expand to that mountain and start mining marble.
* Expand to the east, to start mining marble from the mountain.

Amalea 1

Food for the miners Amalea comes in...
amalea.png Hi Lutius, I hope you forgive my criticism, but it seems to me as if you forgot something.
It's nice, and of course a good idea, to build up mines, which will give us a more comfortable life,
but the people working in the mines are unhappy with the current situation. They have to do hard work and have no time for making their own food.
What do you think about helping them out?
I can't tell you what exactly we need... but here are my recommendations:

Saledus 3

A visitor Saledus smiles
saledus.png By the Gods, this is an unbelievable strike of fortune! There are two more mountains and it seems that one has a large quantity of coal and the other of iron ore. We should immediately start to build iron ore and coal mines (or at least charcoal burners), smelting works, toolsmith's shops, armour and weapon smithies.
However: for all these bigger buildings, we need better and more elegant building materials. So, let's build
a stonemason, who cuts columns from marble.
After all, now we can begin living as we did in Fremil.
* Build up a stonemason and then a complete mining and production infrastructure (coal mine and / or charcoal burner,
iron ore mine, toolsmith's shop, weapon smithy, armour smithy and smelting works).

Diary page 8

Lutius' Diary The Barbarians
lutius.png By the Gods! This is absolutely terrible. It seems as if we stand close to a test - and it seems as if Saledus was right with his fear concerning the shipwreck he found.
Today, as I walked down to the eastern strands,
I got a shock. I caught sight of one of those hated, evil, barbarian tribes with whom we have had so many problems before.
At first, I was naive and hoped that they were peaceful, but as soon as one of them saw me they charged towards me and started attacking me with their throwing-spears. Thanks be to the Gods that
I was able to flee and hide myself, before retreating back to our colony under cover of darkness.
Anyway, we must build up stronger military buildings as soon as possible.
* Build up stronger military buildings, such as an outpost, a barrier or a tower, on the eastern frontier. To watch deep inside the enemy territory, build a tower.

Diary page 9

Lutius' Diary Command for Attack
lutius.png That's good. The first large military building is complete and the mining infrastructure is getting better and better. Now we should think of preparing ourselves for battle.
* As soon as you have enough soldiers, attack and completely destroy the barbarian buildings.
* Finally, build up a fortress on the peninsula
(near where the barbarian headquarters stood before), to avoid new settlements of other tribes in that region.

Diary page 10

Lutius' Diary Victory
lutius.png Today is a proud day. We have fought for our new home and risen victorious.
There are still a few barbarians hiding on our island, but I am sure that we will find them soon.
Every barbarian who doesn't attack us will be put in a boat with the other peaceful ones, and sent back to their country.
--------------------- VICTORY! ----------------------

Diary page 11

Lutius' Diary A message
lutius.png Today a pigeon landed on our island.
It brought a message which fills me with dark thoughts and brings back my fears.
The message was addressed to me, begging me to come back to Fremil.
It says that the Empire is at war with the Barbarians. They were attacked from the north by the tribe I was forbidden to attack.
For me, it is clear what I must do...

You have completed this mission. You may continue playing if you wish, otherwise move on to the next mission.

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