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Terminology Correspondence Table

Since our source terms had to change throughout the history of the project, here's a list for you with the old and new terms.

Past Changes

Old Term New Term Tribe
Armoursmithy Armor Smithy Atlanteans
Axe Ax Empire
Axefactory Axfactory Barbarians
Bakingtray Bread Paddle Atlanteans, Barbarians, Empire
Broad Axe Broad Ax Barbarians
Burner Charcoal Burner Atlanteans, Barbarians, Empire
Castle / Citadel Village Fortified Village Atlanteans, Barbarians, Empire
Charcoal Burner Charcoal Kiln Empire
Charcoal Burner's House Charcoal Kiln Atlanteans, Barbarians
Donkeyfarm Donkey Farm Empire
Felling Axe Felling Ax Barbarians
Ferner Gardener Barbarians
Fernery Reed Yard Barbarians
Goldstone Gold Ore Empire
Goldweaver Gold Spinning Mill Atlanteans
Helmsmithy Helm Smithy Barbarians
Metalwork Shop Metal Workshop Barbarians
Peel Bread Paddle Atlanteans, Barbarians, Empire
Sharp Axe Sharp Ax Barbarians
Sheepfarm Sheep Farm Empire
Spiderbreeder Spider Breeder Atlanteans
Spiderfarm Spider Farm Atlanteans
Trainingscamp Training Camp Barbarians, Empire
Trunk(s) Log(s) Atlanteans, Barbarians, Empire
Warhelmet Warhelm Barbarians

Recent changes

Old Term New Term Tribe
Axfactory Ax Workshop Barbarians
Barracks Blockhouse Empire
(Raw) Stone(s) Granite All
Wood Planks Empire
x Lance x Spear Empire
Plate Armor Gilded Armor Empire
Spideryarn Spider Silk Empire
Gold Yarn Gold Thread Empire
Cornflour Cornmeal Empire
Donjon Tower Empire
Strongbeer Strong Beer Empire
- Vintner A worker to replace the Empire's Brewer in the Winery
granite stones All, world resource

Future terms

We are planning some more game entities in the future, so when designing your terminology, you might want to keep these in mind:

Name Description
Barracks A Casern building to recruit soldiers
Garrison a minimum number of soldiers that should always be present in a headquarters (c.f. the blueprint)
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