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Tutorial to Using the Widelands Map Editor

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Form a three-dimensional landscape

Still the island we created is as flat as an airport. To make it look more natural, we should create few threedimensional forms, like hills, mountains, slopes,...

To do this, we begin with the noise height tool:

Image Description
editor-tutorial-noise-height-tool.jpg The noise height tool sets a random height at the point(s) you click at. In the menu you can choose between which height the tool might randomly choose.
With this tool we now create some hills and slopes.

Than we higher the mountains with the height-tool:

Image Description
editor-tutorial-height-tool.jpg With the height-tool you can heigher or lower selected point(s). Just clicking on a point/points will heigher this point/these points.
editor-tutorial-height-tool-.jpg pressing CTRL while clicking lowers the point(s)

Now that we have a three-dimensional landscape, we can start placing resources and bobs on the map.

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