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Note: Frisians and Amazons are missing

Soldier levels, training and fighting

Soldier levels

A soldier starts with level 0 in each category. In the training buildings (see table), they can be trained in four categories: Attack (=AT), Defense (=DE), Evade (=EV), Health (=HP).
Which category is trained up to which level in which training building is shown in the table. For example the Empire Evade is trained in the Arena from level 0 to level 1 and in the Colosseum from level 0 to level 1 and from level 1 to level 2.

You can see the soldier's levels when he is in a military building: The levels are shown by the emblems and explained when you mouse over a soldier in the soldier slot of a military building.




Every fight between two soldiers is a calculation of their levels:

  • Attack is the potential damage which is inflicted on the other soldier.
  • Defense reduces the potential damage as a percentage.
  • Evade is the chance to avoid an attack completely, as a percentage, ignoring attack and defense.
  • Health is the maximum HP a soldier has. There are two types of HP: HP level and current HP. The HP level is shown as an emblem, the maximum HP a soldier has, with the current HP shown as a bar underneath the level emblems. If the current HP reaches 0, the soldier is dead. HP is restored when the soldier heals in a military building, with larger buildings healing soldiers more quickly.

For example: A Barbarian with full HP and: Attack level 2 (value 29-33, in this example we take 31), Defense level 0 (value 3, only 97% of damage is taken), Evade level 1 (40%), Health level 3 (value 220)

...attacks an Atlantean with full HP and: Attack level 2 (value 30.4-34.4, in this example we take 32.4), Defense level 1 (value 14, only 86% of damage is taken), Evade level 1 (47%), Health level 0 (value 135).

The fight consists of several stages. When the Barbarian is the aggressor he attacks first. In the next stage the Atlantean tries to hit the Barbarian. This continues until one of them has no more HP. So let's look on the calculations: The Barbarian tries to hit the Atlantean:

  • 47% chance to miss, which means no loss in HP for the Atlantean.
  • 53% (=100%-47%) chance for hitting: HP of the Atlantean is 135 - round_downwards(31 * 0.86) = 109.

The next stage of the fight is taken by the Atlantean and goes the same way:

  • 40% chance for the Barbarian to evade being hit at all.
  • 60% chance to have 220 - round_downwards(32.4 * 0.97) = 189.
    The fight is over when one of the soldiers' HP is reduced to zero and dies.

Some more facts to note

  • The levels are tribe-specific. An evade level 2 means 55% chance to evade for a bearish Barbarian, but 64% chance to evade for an agile Atlantean (see table).
  • Attack has a random value within the interval shown in the table. So in every section of the battle, there is some hazard, if there is a lighter or stronger attack.
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