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Sound Effects

This page is a brainstorming of what sounds we'd like to have. It's not intended to be a detailed list - with only two tribes, we already have more then 150 unique sources that can (theoretically) each produce several different FX. A complete list would be neither workable nor very useful.

For the technicalities, look at Aboutaudio.


The List


  • Geologist: see Buildings/Quarry


(a bob is anything that moves but is not a worker or building)

nothing yet


  • Battle arena: a recording from a medieval festival?
  • Well: squeaky axle when pulling up, pouring out the trough, throwing it back in
  • Quarry, Stonemason (also: Geologist): different kinds and speeds of plinking
  • Mines: also plinking, but with lots of echo "from deep inside a tunnel", heavy trolleys rolling over iron rails


  • Creation of new Road
  • Planting a lone flag
  • Start of battle: something with trumpet(s)
  • Wind blowing
  • Running water
  • Seashore
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