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A proposal to change the way soldiers are created.


Currently, soldiers are produced at the warehouse in a manner that confuses new players and can cause stock problems. It is also nearly impossible to specify where a soldier should be made. Thus there are strategic and ease-of-use reasons to separate solder production to it's own building like other wares, rather than be made at a warehouse like workers. This is not the only option but I believe it to be a good one.

This can also be integrated into Desired Stock Levels

Here is a quick breakdown of benefits and drawbacks of this system as opposed to the current system.


  • the separate Building (working name = casern) could require some time for each soldier to receive some basic military education. If so, the problem, that a stock of basic weapons (and armour) really is a hidden strength and converts into "instant soldiers" is solved in a very transparent way for all players.
  • Having a separate building for producing new, untrained soldiers, would also allow players to control the "recruitment rate" of their economy in a very self-explaining fashion, and so determine how much of their economic power goes into training of existing (vs. creating new) soldiers.


  • as with each additional building, new graphic works will have to be done. Additionally the starting conditions may have to be revised to reflect the requirements of the casern. Maps might need to be re-checked for space at the starting points.

Current State

The topic was initially scheduled for WiHack 2011 to be disucussed there, but wasn't.
A vivid participation of all major developers representing their possibly diverging views is wished for.


Changes to the Game

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The following items will be handled by this blueprint:

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