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Note: Frisians and Amzons are missing

Translating into German

Production Program Messages

As described in the paragraph on the main page, the sentences are made out of pieces. To make them sound well in German, we have decided for the following way:

  • The gerund (progressive form) becomes a substantived verb (e.g. "Das Arbeiten"). Do not forget to capitalize the article because it is the beginning of the sentence.
  • The action in the main sentence ("Did not start") becomes a passive sentence ("wurde nicht begonnen").
  • In the reason, remember to put the verb in the last place.


  • Das Arbeiten wurde nicht begonnen, weil 1x Kohle fehlt.
  • Das Schmieden einer Axt wurde übersprungen, weil die Wirtschaft die Ware "Axt" nicht benötigt.
  • Das Züchten von Pferden wurde übersprungen, weil die Wirtschaft den Arbeiter "Pferd" nicht benötigt.

Notice that there are also strings like "Spins goldyarn out of gold." These are descriptions of buildings ("This building spins goldyarn out of gold.") and are therefore translated as "Spinnt Gold zu Goldgarn." These sentences have nothing to do with the production programs though.

"du" and "Ihr"

In messages to the player, "du" is used. For the campaigns the relationship between the characters decides. So far we are going for:

Barbarian campaigns

  • Boldreth is Thron’s best friend, so he has the right to use "du".
  • Khantrukh talks to Thron the chieftain in a respectful way, so he uses "Ihr".
  • Thron uses "du" for everyone, of course.

Empire campaigns

  • Saledus is Lutius’ loyal subordinate, so he uses "Ihr".
  • Amalea as his little sister refuses to use another word than "du".
  • Lutius talks to both of them with "du".

Atlantean campaign

The Atlanteans are a sophisticated tribe, so their leaders talk to each other in a very polite way. It’s "Ihr" for everyone.


  • If the word is finished, but the sentence continues, there has to be a space between the last word and the ellipsis (…), e.g. "Es war einmal …", "Das sieht nach einem langen Winter aus …".
    • Notice that this is different from the English strings.
  • If and only if the word continues, you must omit the space, e.g. "So ein Sch…!".
  • For more rules, consult the Duden.
  • Please use the ellipsis sign "…". See the article in Wikipedia to know how to make them:
    • Windows: Alt + 0133
    • Apple: option key + period
    • Linux: Alt Gr + period
    • This sign is also used in the English source string (hopefully everywhere face-wink.png ), so you can copy it.

Quotation marks

Whenever quotation marks are used, use „ and “. Hints at how they are typed are found in the Wikipedia:

Windows Alt + 0132 Alt + 0147
Apple option key + ^ option key + Shift + ^
Linux (German keyboard) Alt Gr + V Alt Gr + B

Small numbers

Texts containing numbers 1 to 12 should be translated writing them in full (einszwölf).

Nevertheless, there are some pieces of text where the rule doesn't apply. For example, the level of soldiers are always written with digits.
The same exception applies to times that count down (or up), as it is the case with the multiplayer scenario “Island Hopping”.

English correct translation wrong translation
You lost a level 6 soldier in a fight. Ein Soldat der Stufe 6 ist gefallen. Ein Soldat der sechsten Stufe / der Stufe sechs ist gefallen.
5/10/15/20 minutes 5/10/15/20 Minuten fünf/zehn/15/20 Minuten

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