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Until now, this is just an rough idea. If you've got some nice ideas, how to improve this tribe, please write a comment on the talk page.

A short summary of the Northmen

The Northmen live in the wide, white and frosty winterland, between trees with white hats, Taiga and Tundra. ...

    (a rough idea of the tribe)

    From the cold, snowy North, Northmen are a strange mix of the cultured and savage. 
    They write epic poetry in the cold winter months, warming themselves with mead and furs. 
    But when the blood moves in the trees again, so it moves in the men, and they charge forth from their huts seeking battle.

    The Northmen see beauty in battle, a poetry to match their winter tellings. 
    They believe in decorating themselves and their weaponry to prove who they are. 
    They are a great believer in single combat, but each of their warriors is trained far more than those that believe in a rush system. 
    Conquering is merely a side effect of challenges over resources and proving one's own worth.

    They are quick to battle, simply for the pure joy of it. But if they can be gained as allies, there are none stronger or more staunch.

Wares of the Northmen

Building materials

  • log
  • granite
  • leather
  • fur


  • coal
  • iron ore
  • gold ore


  • smoked meat
  • smoked fish
  • bread
  • honey
  • honey beer
  • mead


  • fishing rod
  • ax
  • hammer
  • knife
  • meathooks
  • fire tongs
  • rock pick
  • needle
  • scythe
  • spear
  • brushes

Weapons and warrior-cloths

  • bronze ax
  • broad ax
  • double bladed ax
  • war ax
  • leather cloth
  • leather cloth with fur
  • leather cloth with fur and iron jewelry
  • leather cloth with fur and gold jewelry
  • helm
  • golden helm


  • fish
  • golden jewelry
  • iron
  • iron jewelry
  • meat
  • reindeer skin
  • water

Buildings of the Northmen


  • principal hall (HQ)
  • (construction side)
  • hunter
  • fisher
  • lumberjack
  • ranger
  • quarry
  • seamstress
  • outpost (m)
  • wooden tower (m)
  • master seamstress
  • bee-keeper
  • well
  • bakery
  • tannery
  • smokery
  • honey beer-brewery
    • mead-brewery
  • charcoal burner
  • furnace (smelting works)
  • blacksmith
  • weapon smith
    • master weapon smith
  • tavern
    • drinking hall
  • wall (m)
  • farm
  • reindeer breeder
  • training camp
  • fortress (m)
  • tower (m)
  • goldsmith (produces iron- and golden jewelry and helmets)
Mines (normal and deep)
  • coal
  • granite
  • iron
  • gold

normal mines need smoked fish and meat

deep mines need smoked meat AND mead

Worker professions

  • warrior
  • seamstress
  • master seamstress
  • miner
  • master miner
  • hunter
  • fisher
  • lumberjack
  • ranger
  • reindeer breeder
  • bee keeper
  • brewer
    • mead brewer
  • blacksmith
  • weapon smith
  • master weapon smith
  • gold smith
  • smoker
  • tanner
  • builder
  • carrier
  • stonemason
  • smelter
  • landlady (inn keeper)
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