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List of phrases so far:

| Under Attack -- | ------- | You are under attack. | Your territory is under attack
| Your headquarters are being attacked
| Our headquarters is under attack. | The enemy is attacking your boundaries
| The enemy is launching an attack
| Your population is being attacked
| A building was lost. | A building was razed. | You have been defeated. (Bad news, you died! No, just one building.) | One of your buildings was defeated

| Attacking -- | ------- | Your troops have engaged the enemy. | Our troops have engaged the enemy. (Hmmmmm. Either or.) | You have engaged the enemy. (And are soon to be happily married.) | You are in combat. (Once they've actually gotten around to fighting.) | Enemy troops defeated. | Our troops return victorious. (Even if we lost all but one man.) | Our troops have lost. | Our troops have been defeated. | You have suffered a defeat. | Enemy defeated, buildings razed. | Enemy building destroyed. | Enemy buildings destroyed.

| General successes -- | ------- | Building complete. | Upgrade complete. | Congestion cleared. | (Something to indicate a soldier is so over-educated they've been released from a training site?) | Territory extended. (I.e. military building occupied.) | Territory expanded. (Better?)

| Congestion -- | ------- | Heavy congestion is slowing your economy
| Your economy is suffering from congestion
| Congestion. | Congestion on the roads. | Heavy congestion. | Heavy congestion on the roads.

| Economy shortage -- | ------- | Your wood economy is running out of supplies
| Your stone economy has been exhausted
| You do not have enough resources for the food economy
| Insufficient resources for your metal economy
| Resources low. | Resources overspent. (Trying for much more needers than providers, long "queues".) | Wood resources low / overspent. | Metal resources low / overspent.

| Shortage for workers -- | ------- | Insufficient resources to create soldiers
| Insufficient resources to supply miners
| No soldiers available. (When cannot immediately create a new one.)
| Shortage on workers. (Any building waiting for worker that can't get one.)
| Worker shortage. | Worker needed. (ditto)

| Resource shortage -- | ------- | Building halted; insufficient resources
| Building halted. | No builders currently available. (I.e. have to wait for one; immediate feedback when building.) | Insufficient resources for building. | A mine has been exhausted
| Mine exhausted. | Mine needs upgrading.

| General "helpful" sounds -- | ------- | You cannot build a road there. | Yarrrgggghh! (General attacking sound when hitting the "start attack" button. Louder with more people!) | Ploink/zwoosh/crrbft. (General sounds for: road building, placing a building, destroying a building.)

FLAC sample of _aD's British accent, may be suitable for Empire voices.

Other ideas:
Allow the user to choose what samples are played according to their urgency, for example only playing critical events such as "HQ under attack" and "Heavy congestion".
Having more verbose messages for the tutorial, for example "Wood economy is nearly exhausted: build lumberjacks and rangers"
Allowing the user to elect to have short samples such as "Heavy congestion" or "Under attack"
Complete control of which samples are played
A set of samples for important buildings being lost, such as the player's only sawmill or lime kiln being destroyed

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