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Summary of Empire-Campaign

The campaign will be splitted in two parts (like the Barbarian story). First there will be a tutorial, but without introducing the game interface (We believe the player played the Barbarian tutorial before and knows, how to build a building, streets or flags). In this part the empire-infrastructure will be introduced, as this is partly different to the Barbarian one.

The second part is named "Gazing for expansions". And leads the Empire to war against the Barbarians.

Empire Tutorials

The story starts with a review of the last 6 month of Lutius life (Lutius is a young general of the Empire).

Lutius tells us about an uproar and skirmishes among the northern forests, where Barbarian tribes and official Empire-land overlap.

--start of review--

Six month ago, he was send with 150 soldiers at that frontier, to defend the Empire-land. At first everything seemed calm. He even talked to few barbarian children and was starting to think about a peaceful life, side by side with this archaic folk. So he began to feel safer every day and his army began to withdraw its attention on their potential enemy.

That proved to be a fatal misjudgemnt. One night in March 5 months ago), his unprepared army was attacked by ~100 footmen and was totally scattered in that night.

In that fight Lutius was caught in a big net and was taken to the barbarian warlord, which gave him a message:

"We do not want new land or any of yours, but THIS forest is our land and will stay ours, until the ghosts take the last man of my folk. Leave this land and live your life. and NEVER come back!"

Then Lutius was freed and flew with his remaining 20 men to Fremil, capital of the Empire.

At Fremil, Lutius was summoned before the king and begged him, for leave to attack that rough folk, to wash off some of his shame and disgrace. He was burning for revenge, But the king forbade to start this war, fearing that the Empire's armies would not be strong enough to enforce victory. And so it came that the king abandoned the forests in the north hoping that the fragile peace might last for ever.

After this short dialog Lutius decided to leave Fremil and the Empire by sea, to clear his mind and mood again.

And while he was preparing for this voyage some few friends and remaining soldiers welcomed him, promising to accompany him on his journey.

Two days later Lutius and his crew were sailing the southern seas only to be caught in a mighty storm, which almost destroyed their ship.

At the last moment, they reached the coast of an unknown desert island and huddled together in what little shelter some palm trees could offer, awaiting the storm's end.

--end of review--

This is where first tutorial 'The Strands Of Malac' Mor' starts.

In this tutorial, Lutius realizes, that there is no other chance, than building up a little outpost on this island and repairing the ship there.

Furthermore Saledus, one of Lutius best warriors is introduced in campaign story. He begs Lutius, to build up two military buildings, for an easier defense of their outpost. Here the basic production buildings are introduced. In the end, the ship is repaired and they start to search for a better place to settle down.

The second tutorial 'An Outpost For Exile' starts on a green Mediterranean island, which seems to be uninhabited. It describes the advanced infrastructure of the Empire.

The third part of the tutorial: 'The Way Back Home' is just a short sequence at the end of 2nd tutorial. Lutius receives a message, saying that the Empire was again attacked by the Barbarians and that it is now arming its complete military. It explains how Lutius comes back to Fremil, to offer his help in defending the Empire, against the Barbarians and how this offer is accepted.

Gazing for expansions


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