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Chapter II: Campaign of the Kingdom - “The rise of the traitor”

The protectorate of Danes stretches out between the southern seas and the high mountains of Hon in the north, from the coasts of the eternal Uranat river to the burning fields of the stolen soul plains. Since the times of the great king Bran, who rose to become one of the mightiest leader of his time It saw centuries come and go and people raise and fall against it. Since the golden dynasty of Bran, numerous people and tribes have been united under the common banner with the golden hand which symbolizes the strong bond that has been established between thousands of people.

When the rages against the wild people of the north were finally settled during the era of the great wars under Etilan, the greates of all generals that served in Bran’s armies, the territories of the north have been relatively save and one of the mightiest fortresses that once was build as a bulwark against marauders and thieves that came down the steep hills of the Hon mountains became one of the most important centres of commerce. As the walls have been target to attacks in merely all the wars, the protectorate has fought, the measures to guarantee the safety of the city have never ceased. The mightiest of all fortresses beneath the mortal people became known as the city of Dane, home to the Danesh senat and seat to the protector, the warleader and legislative head of the Danesh people.

In these times, Kelat, the daughter of Thin became protector at the age of nineteen summers. The young girl established a blossoming trade with neighbouring tribes that still live tolerated and respected by the protectorate. The taxes were lowered and more and more gold was invested for the education of the young and cultural amusement for the old. The city of Dane has rarely ever before seen so peaceful and prospering times. consultants

Colintan, great-great-son of Eltian is in command of the armies of the north and is to guarantee more safety for those who travel in and over the mountains in the north. The high passes have been secured years ago and strong fortresses have been build near the mountain’s summits to keep an eye on everything that is happing beyond the mountains … on the plains and in the forest … the old forests, that have no name in the language of the Danes. Few months ago, people were seen travelling around the plains, escaping an uncertain destiny towards the south. These wilds spoke a language that seems old and unclear to the Danes. Yet some of the highest priests of the temple of Dan, the great god of fortune, made sense of the unknown tongue. A war was raging somewhere beyond the mountains …

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This sounds like an Empire story - taxes, etc. ...

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