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Every once in a while an issue pops up in the game balance or design that has no agreed upon best solution. Here is the idea of community polls which will follow the following ideas

  1. a community poll will run for roughly 4-6 weeks. Some might run longer than others and the time is not strict.
  2. Every poll will be presented together with a pro and contra side of the argument.
  3. The community poll will have some answers you can choose from. There might be more than one related poll running at the same time.
  4. You can only vote once.
  5. The outcome of the poll will likely influence the game - rules might be changed, features might be changed. But the last word will always lay with the developers and as always, I will keep a veto right to kick/keep features out of the game. But if your opinion would not matter to us, we wouldn't ask. This is mainly a disclaimer if things turn out to be different than thought while writing the original post.

Possible Topics

Please add the topics you would like to have discussed here in this list:

  • Savegame compatibility
  • Immovables on Triangle
  • Soldiers produced in buildings
  • Tavern -> Inn and ration

Past community polls

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