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Second Widelands Map Contest

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As you can see on the right side (under "Important Dates"), we are slowly approaching our next official release Build 18. Therefore I updated my last post to reflect our currently very active development. Build 18 will contain quite a lot of improvements, bug fixes and new features including an improved graphic system, improved ingame help, better text rendering, automatic soldier handling in trainingsites as well as automatic soldier exchange to put better trained soldiers to the front, improved window management, ..., ..., (a lot more), and seafaring expeditions.

The last one is one reason (out of a handful) why we start a new map contest - we simply do not have enough high quality maps that support seafaring :).

The map contest "Over the sea"

The Widelands development team are pleased to announce their second map contest. The theme of this contest is "Over the sea". Entries are invited from all Widelands players. Use your creativity in designing original new maps, and compete for the grand prize! We hope this contest will result in many new maps for the official Widelands distribution. Even if your entry doesn't win a prize, if its good enough, it's likely we'll include it in our next official release. To make sure this is possible, all submissions must be licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.

Submissions will be accepted from now until 11th August 2013. When all the submissions are in, a jury¹ will choose up to ten finalists. The community will then vote to decide the final winners. We hope to provide some modest prizes for the top ranked entries; so far we have two Widelands t-shirts for the winners. If you'd like to help us by contributing a prize, please contact Nasenbaer

¹ = members are listed in "RULES AND REGULATIONS"



a. Entry into the Widelands map contest is free, and available to members of the general public, without prejudice regarding age, ethnicity, nationality or gender or any other factor.

b. The Widelands map contest runs from 16th July 2013 to 25th August 2013 inclusive.

c. Submissions will be accepted between 16th July 2013 and 11th August 2013 CET (Central European Time). No submissions will be accepted outside of these times.

d. There is no separate registration for this contest. To submit an entry, all that is required is an account on

e. There is no limit to the number of submissions that may be made by any given participant, nor any restriction on the type of maps.

a. All submissions MUST be original work for this contest, and must not have previously appeared in any distribution, commercial or non-commercial, of any kind for any game, including, but not limited to, Settlers 2. Any submission in violation of this rule will lead to ALL submissions by that author being disqualified, without exception.

b. You may NOT submit maps for which you do not hold sole copyright. If submitting on behalf of a team, the team combined must have sole copyright of all original materials submitted. Any submission in violation of this rule will lead to ALL submissions by that author being disqualified, without exception.

c. All submissions must be explicitly licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2. Any submission not properly licensed will be disqualified.

d. As long as above points apply, maps already uploaded to the Map Section can participate in the contest.


a. Map submissions must be created with Widelands build 17 or later. Any submission created with an earlier version of Widelands will be disqualified.

b. Map submissions must be uploaded to the Map Section and be listed in the appropriate forum thread.


a. The Widelands development team reserve the right to exclude any submission as unsuitable for this contest on any grounds.

b. Any illegal content submitted to this competition is the sole responsibility of the submitter; the Widelands development team neither accept any responsibility for such content, nor indemnify the submitter against any legal proceedings resulting from it.


a. Between 11th August 2013 and 16th August 2013 an internal jury will select up to ten maps as finalists from each category.

b. The provisional members of the jury are SirVer and Nasenbaer. This list is subject to change without notice.

c. Between 16th August 2013 to 25th August 2013 the Widelands community will vote for their favourite maps in each category.

d. After 25th August 2013 the authors of the winning submissions will be notified and prizes distributed.

e. Voting is for individual maps, not for participants. Scores and votes for a participant's submissions will not be aggregated.

Submit your map!

Help for designing a map

If you just started working with the editor for the first time, our editor help and our short editor tutorial will properly be the best adress to look at. Any further questions can be asked in the editor forum or the webchat

If you want to create a scenario map, you might also find some useful help in our wiki: here and here

Widelands development builds for the contest

Current Development builds can be found on our Download page . For all systems, where no development builds are available and for self compilation see the Building Widelands page in our wiki.

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