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I talked with Nasenbaer about the next Barbarian mission and we came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to realize the next two missions independently. So we decided to put them toghether and rewrite the mission a little bit.

Tutorial 3 - "This land is our land"


Thron: "Every day we come closer to our capital. Many people have already joined us and set their hopes on me. However, I fear that we are not strong enough to take up the battle with my brothers. For now we rest at the borders of the old forest and prepare for the coming days."

Boldreth speaks: ”This morning I found Thron troubled minded. He returned from his survey late last night and sat back to a tree watching over the encampment. The number of quarrels and disputes keeps growing and the winter has us firmly under control. We should put food in our storage to survive the long, cold winter!"

  • Objective - build up a food economy.

Tracks in the snow

Thron told me that he discovered tracks in the snow and he instructed us to build a military building (which one?).

  • Objective - build up a military building -> maybe build directly towers After the building has completed Boldreth recommends to build up some towers.


Boldreth: "We started to build the first fortification just as Thron ordered to. He seeks to bring trust and belief to those who live inside the walls of our new habitat, that we call Ondun, which means in the old tongue those who wait. To overlook more of this area we should set up guards and scouts to observe the frontier and keep an eye on the raging wars on our doorsteps so that we will be well prepared once trouble seeks to capture our woods."

  • Objective - build up some towers
  • Start mining coal and iron, but don't process it yet in other buildings? maybe only melt them into iron. After those towers finished and some time after that...

The news that a patrol brought us is not good to hear. Our spies tell us, that the wartribes still rage in battle but some of the elder soldiers and tribe leaders seem to grow tired of this senseless war.


Kalitat, son of Kun is the first warleader to leave Al’thunran, thus leaving his side weak and vulnerable. As my scouts report me, he has set foot on the lower grounds around the capitol, securing the outer fortification rings.

Thron seeks to believe that Kalitat is tired of fighting, and will be willing to join us, once we march to re-establish law and order in Al’thunran. But I don’t think so.

Kalitat is son to one of the mightiest generals of our forces and his family never quite liked the thought to bow before the banner of Chat’Karuth. Why should he march with his son to reclaim his heritage and the throne?


However, Thron is not willing to listen to my doubts. He seeks to expand our fortifications to the borders of Kalitat’s territory and reunite with his forces. I have to keep an eye on everything that happens here.

  • Objective - expand to the enemy border

Thron: "The frontier line of my forces has expanded to the edge of the forests. We have a long and cold winter and so many miles behind us. The fortification that we erected around Ondun will guarantee us fast supply of man and goods and once Al’thunran is in my hands, the two cities will be linked by a good and defendable infrastructure. But I hope I will not walk alone on this mission, I hope Kailitat will follow my call."

Maybe the landscape should change here from deep forest into badlands with fire and destruction...?

Build-up of arms

Thron speaks: – I have sent men to meet Kalitat, son of Kun in this fortress. He has barricaded the former main entrance to the capital and is trying to set up a siege ring around Al’thunran. He will not let anyone enter of leave the city while the ring is intact. Until now, he has not answered any of my messages. Maybe it would be a good advise to upgrade my soldiers and prepare for a battle.

Enable boot camp and/or battle arena. Search for more montains (coal, iron, gold) to speed everything up?

  • Mission – Introduce military production and soldier training. Expansion to the borders of the Kalitat’s wartribe. Soldier upgrade. Launching and destroying Kalitat’s wartribe. After the battle was won...

The ruin

Last night, I went myself out to see the ruin that is left of Al’thunran. Tears were in my eyes as I saw the eternal fires that light the sky every night. From the closest look I had, it seemed the fire would never stop swallowing my home. Boldreth fell to his knees and prayed to the high heavens and my father, whose heritage I feel stronger than ever on my shoulders. I feel the looks on my neck and hear the whispering around me. Everyone expects me to follow the path my father has set for our people. Everyone seeks to believe that I will be the strong hand that forces us all back among one common banner. Their hopes and their faith lie heavily on me, haunting my days and stealing my night.

But I know it is what I am born to do, it is what my father foresaw in his dying days. He knew it would be my duty to once again reunite the raging tribes.

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