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Empire Protagonists

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Lutius is a young general of the Empire. He loves his country and people and is disgraced, when he loses a bigger piece of Empire land in the north. After this loss he tries to get the permission from his king, to start a war against the Barbarians, but the king rejects him, as he feels the Empire not being strong enough.
So Lutius decides for himself, to leave the Empire and to go into exile – waiting there for the day, that he can fight back the Barbarians.



Saledus is one of Lutius best warriors and an absolute loyal subordinate to him. He knows, that Lutius wants to come back to Fremil, to erase his guilt and to fight against his biggest enemy: the Barbarians.
Furthermore he is the one, who begs Lutius, to be not too fast in his expansion wishes. He cares for the security in Lutius settlements and welcomes him to build new military buildings.



Amalea is Lutius’ little sister. She always speaks her mind and keeps Lutius up to date about everything his people are talking about. She has good ideas about what has to be done for the people and Lutius likes to hear her advices, although he sometimes thinks, that she can be quite annoying.

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