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Tutorial 1 - "Eyes in the darkness"

Introduction – Thron speaks: “It’s been months and we are still hiding where the forests are old and dark. My warriors hunt the day and lay awake at night, listing to the sounds of cruel slaughtering that echoes the lower grounds of the old trees. We can see the raging flames that swallow Al’thunran, miles away from here. The red lights flash in the sky in the darkness and dance to the rhythm of the wardrums that hunt my even in my nightmares. My father’s bone lay peacefully in the grounds he cleared from the senseless bloodspilling that has once again risen among us. Boldreth, my loyal companion and friend is source of peace and comfort to me in these dark times. He keeps my spirits high and those of my warriors awake, not to let greed or despair destroy our bonds as well. As father told me, there will be times to fight and times to lay and wait, trying not to sleep or die before the right time comes. And so I do … wait.

  • Mission – Introduce basic gameplay and control as well as basic production buildings (wood, stone, etc.)

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