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Topic: Naval Tournament 2023

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Hi everybody,
Great news are approaching: the long wanted naval warfare functionality is now ready to be intensivly tested.

And what would be better suited to test such a big feature then a tournament.

Any players interested in participating shall respond to this post or send me a PM.
Subscriptions will be open until the final start of the tournament.

The Tournament has (re-)started on august 16th, 2023

For the rules see 3rd post.

Map Suggestions are welcome as well, as we seldom played seafaring maps in tournaments.

A link to the binaries of the tournament branch and a short description how it works is provided in post #4. Feedback about the feature is essential for the release so don't hesitate to provide such feedback. (even before the tournament starts if you wish)

This post will be updated to reflect latest state of the tournament.

Round 1

Game will be played on "Calvisson (official map)", Win condition is autocrat.
Deadline for starting the game is august 27th. Deadline for completing the game is one week later

blue player result red player time
Teayo 0 - 1 kaputtnik friday august 18th, 17:00 CEST
hessenfarmer 0 - 1 the-x tuesday august 22th, 19:30 CEST
WorldSavior 1 - 0 Mars thursday 17th, 20:00 CEST
stormax-e 1 - 0 Hasi50
Nordfriese 1 - 0 carli2 Saturday August 19, 20:00 CEST
_Elefantenrennen 1 - 0 forfeit

Round 2

Game will be played on "Together We are Strong" from the official Tournament addon, Win condition is autocrat.
Deadline for starting the game is september 3rd. Deadline for completing the game is one week later

blue player result red player time
Nordfriese 1 - 0 stormax-e Wednesday August 30, 15:00 CEST
Mars 0 -1 the-x Wednesday August 30, 21:00 CEST
WorldSavior 1 - 0 _Elefantenrennen
Teayo 0 - 1 Hasi50 wednesday september 6th, 18:00 CEST
hessenfarmer 1 - 0 carli2 Thursday sep 7th, 18:00 CEST
kaputtnik 1 - 0 forfeit

Round 3

Game will be played on "Naval Ice Wars" from the official Tournament addon, Win condition is HQ Hunter.
Starting condition is HQ with the option to choose custom starting positions.
Each player needs to choose a colour (player 1 chooses first).
After game start each player may choose a starting position but only on the island of his chosen colour / playernumber. Player 1 has to choose first.
Deadline for starting the game is Thursday September 21st 23:59CEST. Deadline for completing the game is one week later

Player 1 result Player 2 time
Nordfriese 0 - 1 the-x Thursday September 14th, 14:00 CEST
WorldSavior 1 - 0 kaputtnik Monday, September 18th 2023, 19:00 CEST
stormax-e 0 - 1 _Elefantenrennen Friday September 15th, 16:00 CEST
hessenfarmer 1 - 0 Hasi50 Friday september 22nd, 19:00 CEST
Mars 1 - 0 Teayo Saturday, September 23rd, 20:00 CEST
carli2 1 - 0 forfeit

Round 4

Game will be played on "Plateau Naval Warfare" from the official Tournament addon, Win condition is autocrat.
Starting condition is HQ.
Deadline for starting the game is Sunday, October 29th, 23:59 CET. Deadline for completing the game is one week later

blue player result red player time version of round...
WorldSavior 1 - 0 the-x Friday, October 27th, 18 CEST 3
hessenfarmer 0.5 - 0.5 Nordfriese 11-01 but cancelled 3
_Elefantenrennen 1 - 0 kaputtnik Sunday, Oktober, 29th, 15 CET 3
Teayo 0 - 1 stormax-e Sunday 05.11.2023 at 09:05 MESZ 3
carli2 1 - 0 Hasi50 Wednesday 11-08 18:00 CET 4
Mars 1 - 0 forfeit

Please make contact to your opponents and agree on playtime. Please announce your playtime in this thread so I can add it to the table for spectators.

Round 5

Game will be played on "The Nile" (official map), Win condition is collectors, 4 hours.
Starting condition is HQ.
Deadline for starting the game is Sunday, November 12th, 23:59 CET. Deadline for completing the game is one week later

As some players had problems with installing the newest version, I'm sorry to say that the version will be the one of round 3 again. But if both players agree, the version of round 4 can also be played.

blue player result red player time version of round...
hessenfarmer 0 - 1 WorldSavior wednesday, 8th november, 19 CET 4
the-x 0 - 1 _Elefantenrennen nov 12th 3
stormax-e 0 - 1 Mars friday nov 17th 7:30-8 pm CET 4
Hasi50 0 - 1 Nordfriese 11-19 4
kaputtnik 1 - 0 carli2 11-15 6:30pm/7:00pm CET 4
teayo 1 - 0 forfeit

Please make contact to your opponents and agree on playtime. Please announce your playtime in this thread so I can add it to the table for spectators.

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  1. hessenfarmer
  2. Nordfriese
  3. WorldSavior
  4. Teayo
  5. Mars
  6. kaputtnik
  7. the-x
  8. Hasi50
  9. stormax-e
  10. carli2
  11. _Elefantenrennen

current ranking

----------RANKING AFTER ROUND 1-----------

place player score buchholz match penalty
1 kaputtnik 1 0
1 Nordfriese 1 0
1 stormax-e 1 0
1 the-x 1 0
1 WorldSavior 1 0
1 _Elefantenrennen 1 0
7 carli2 0 1
7 Hasi50 0 1
7 hessenfarmer 0 1
7 Mars 0 1
7 Teayo 0 1

----------RANKING AFTER ROUND 2-----------

place player score buchholz match penalty
1 Nordfriese 2 1 1
1 the-x 2 1 1
1 WorldSavior 2 1 1
4 kaputtnik 2 0 1
5 stormax-e 1 3 0
6 _Elefantenrennen 1 2 0
6 hessenfarmer 1 2 1
8 Hasi50 1 1 1
9 Mars 0 4 0
10 carli2 0 3 0
10 Teayo 0 3 0

----------RANKING AFTER ROUND 3-----------

place player score buchholz match penalty
1 WorldSavior 3 5 1
1 the-x 3 5 1
3 hessenfarmer 2 5 1
3 Nordfriese 2 5 0
5 _Elefantenrennen 2 4 1
6 kaputtnik 2 3 0
7 Mars 1 6 1
8 stormax-e 1 5 0
9 carli2 1 4 1
10 Hasi50 1 3 0
11 Teayo 0 4 0

----------RANKING AFTER ROUND 4-----------

place player score buchholz match penalty
1 WorldSavior 4 10
2 the-x 3 11
3 _Elefantenrennen 3 8
4 Nordfriese 2.5 9.5
5 hessenfarmer 2.5 8.5
6 Mars 2 7
6 kaputtnik 2 7
8 stormax-e 2 6.5
9 carli2 2 6 -1
10 Hasi50 1 6.5
11 Teayo 0 7

---------- FINAL RANKING AFTER ROUND 5-----------

place player score buchholz match penalty
1 WorldSavior 5 15.5
2 _Elefantenrennen 4 13
3 Nordfriese 3.5 10.5
4 the-x 3 17 -1
5 kaputtnik 3 12
6 Mars 3 11
7 hessenfarmer 2.5 14.5
8 stormax-e 2 12.5
9 carli2 2 9 -1
10 Hasi50 1 11
11 Teayo 1 9
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Provisional rules (may be subject to small changes)

Thread for results and replays

Please post your results in the Results thread

Version to be played

naval warfare branch in latest revision announced before each round (see post #4) . exception: in round 4 the official version is the one of round 3. But if both players want, they can play the version of round 4.


Round 0: Naval Ice Wars (Battle Royale) (skipped)
Round 1: Calvisson (official map) (red vs blue)
Round 2: Together we are strong (Tournament Addon)
Round 3: Naval Ice Wars (HQ Hiunter, Tournament Addon)
Round 4: Plateau Naval Warfare (Tournament Addon)
Round 5: The Nile (official map) (red vs blue)


copied from previous tournaments thanks to King_of_ Nowhere

The tournament will be played with the swiss system.

The pairings will be declared at the beginning of every turn, so keep an eye on the forum. Once the turns are declared, contact your opponent and set up your game. after the game, notify the result to me and send me the replay.

There will be one week to play normally, and one week overtime. People are expected to play in the first week. Going overtime is penalized, except in a few specific cases, most notably if you start a game without finishing it, or if you announced in advance you would be missing for a few days. after two weeks, games not played will be assigned by forfait as a loss to both players, except for a few cases. Games started but still ongoing will be assigned by a judge, generally as draw unless there are good reasons not to. In no case a game will be allowed to continue after two weeks, as all the results will be needed to make the new turn.

I, hessenfarmer, will be the arbiter for all disputations, if no other not participating senior member will volunteer. However, in the interest of having a judge who is not a player and therefore potentially biased, some old and respected player will be appointed the supreme arbiter. If you think my judgment was unfair, you can appeal to him, but you have then to accept his decision.


0) basics

Playing which map? For all games the map declared above is used. Choice of position is free, if not set in the announcement of the round (might be the case due to balanced position issues).       
If participants can't agree on positions the lower ranked (second) participant has the first pick.     
Playing which tribe? Choice of tribe is free as long as it is not declared in the announcement of the round.      
If participants can't agree on the order of selecting tribes, the higher ranked (first) participant has to choose first. Switching after choosing is completed, is not allowed.    
Startcondition is always "Headquarters". Unless declared otherwise in the announcement.        
The game version should be the version announced for each round (see post #4) . exception: in round 4 the official version is the one of round 3. But if both players want, they can play the version of round 4. Make sure to take care that every player in a match uses the same game version.      
Games are hosted by one of the players or another person. If you need to find someone to host for you, ask in the IRC chat.       
After every game, all players post the following results in a separate thread.     
    Who won.     
    Bugs / Glitches observed while playing.     
    A replay of the game (see next section for instructions).

1) pairings and ranking.

The tournament will be played with a swiss system pairing ( Basically, first turn is paired at random, who wins get one point, draws (can happen by agreement between the players, or by either players failing to win after a long time) are awarded half a point. For further turns, players are paired against other players with an equal score, so winning will progressively give you harder opponents, and losing will give you easier opponents. Nobody will be eliminated.

There will be five 1 vs 1 turns, eventually a last round may be addded if to many equal results are present.

Due to the fact that matches with naval warfare tend to be much longer then normal games it is suggested to increase the gamespeed by one each 4 hours, unless players agree otherwise. Please ensure to keep the 2 weeks limit for playing.

The final ranking will obviously be given according to the score. To sort players with equal score, the Bucholz system will be used: the Bucholz score of each player will be calculated as the sum of the scores of all his opponents; a higher score means one has played against stronger opponents. If two players also have the same Bucholz score, they will be ranked according to how their direct game ended, if they did play against each other. Otherwise, the tie will not be resolved. Exception to the whole Bucholz mechanism is for deciding the winner.

If there is an odd number of participants, a forfait will be included, i.e. a virtual player who will always lose without playing. If one player retires, a forfeit will be put in his place. So a forfeit is a free win, but since the forfait will lose all games, it will sink your bucholz :-)  If there are two forfeits, they will be eliminated.

After the last round, if one player leads the ranking alone, he will be the winner. If there are several ex-aequo winners, then they will play one final match on the map. If there are more then 4 ex-aequo winners a new map will be provided for this.

after the game, the players must post the replay. It is enough for one player to send it, but sending it twice to be safe cannot hurt.

2) time schedule

Ideally there should be one round per week, but up to two weeks is considered an acceptable delay. Never a turn will last more than two weeks. Therefore, when a round is started, every player is expected to play within one week. Since people from different time zones cannot reasonably play except on weekends, and need a couple days to set up a game, if the turn is declared thursday or later in the week, the deadline to play will be extended until the next sunday. Taking more than one week to play will entail penalties, and after two weeks the game will be assigned by the arbitral decision **as detailed below**:

If two players fail to play within one week, then they will be penalized by -1 point on their bucholz score. If they accumulate 3 such penalties, it will instead be commuted to 0.5 points in the score (so it could make you lose the tournament if you were tied up for the first place). If they still have not played after two weeks, the game will be assigned as lost to both of them. A few exceptions below:

if it can be demonstrated that the delay was clearly the fault of one player (for example, if one player failed to be there at the appointed time of the game, or if one was only available for very narrow time windows while the other was much more available) then only the player at fault will be penalized. After two weeks, the game will be won by forfait by the player declared not at fault. Of course, if you failed to play and think it was not your fault - or not only your fault - you should send me some kind of proof that your opponent set an unreasonable schedule. Copy of mailed messages is the preferred method.

if two players did play for some time but had to interrupt the game and continue from a reload at a later date, they will not be penalized for taking more than one week. At the end of two weeks, if they produced at least 6 hours of in-game gameplay (taking into account game speed; they can get away with only playing 2 hours if they used 3x speed for example) and they sent the replays to me and still there is no victor, then the game will be considered draw unless one player has a clear advantage.

If one player will notify in advance that he will have problems playing one week, he will not be penalized for going overtime; but please don't do it too often. If he still can't play after the two-weeks deadline, he will be declared loser by forfait, but will not face any more penalties. If you know you cannot play, you can try to agree a draw with another player with a similar score: if you find one willing, I'll try to manipulate the turn so that you can be paired against each other and get a draw by agreement.

3) arbitral decisions

Since I, hessenfarmer, cannot be considered an impartial arbiter on this matter, since I will also be a player, someone else, an old and trusted player or developer who will not be participating this time, will be the final arbiter for deciding which players should be penalized for tardiness and how to assign unfinished games. The arbiter is still to be declared. Though I will make the first decision in any game, anyone can appeal to him if he believes my decision is unfair.

It was never necessary to appear to the final arbiter, though. This has always been a clean and sportsmanlike community. Let's try to keep it that way.

4) lack of communication

If one consistently fails to answer communications (i.e. never answering, or never discussing game schedule; missing one message is acceptable) for more than one week, he's considered retired from the tournament. Though this would be a pity!

5) bug/glitch abuse

Abusing of known bugs and glitches as documented on our github repository will be forbidden. If any player has the suspicion that the opponent used a bug he may object. If the used behaviour is found to be a real bug by our senior developers, the match eventually needs to be repeated. Players won't be penalized for using undocumented bugs. (one motivation for this tournament is to find them).

6) allowed features

All new features of widelands are allowed in principle if both players agree on it: e.g. peaceful mode, custom start position, diplomacy  etc.
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I'm in face-smile.png

The tag for the first round is up at

The tag may be moved repeatedly as important bugs are found and fixed. Make sure you always use the appropriate commit. Version history:

  1. e52bb4ccb5e222386e46ead65568a1dc946ff653 (2023-06-28)
  2. d6f7db6eb67068eebc82a689e04958d7fbb181aa (2023-07-04) (compatible with 9032a3f285c7fac26b064e4ceedeee8e41925501)
  3. 49ee252825447e7071ec1d37a9c34ee918b9345b (2023-07-26)
  4. 15dc1ead85dcc12eecccdc340dfed390648a5681 (2023-08-08)
  5. ddfa8b64116201aa6a43e8cc11ad7e2acc449165 (2023-08-15) (used for the first round)
  6. 7b7b1902a1e92a8ba7257698015b000281445952 (2023-08-26) (used for the second round)
  7. df1a5b474531d0d0f70241c25699b227e23a4a54 (2023-09-12)
  8. 6a9523bf4c386bc79106014ff446eb4be6ed7850 (2023-09-14) (used for the third round)
  9. 00bc2d8ece5d883dd0210baf352cd0bb0f588dbe (2023-10-19) (used for the fourth round)

Latest installers:

System Link MD5 SHA256
Windows 64 bit Installer 5a3090a5c4f1e9430678469751a511d2 46a652277994a2190b8c32e37d8bb9c5cd28bba5b6d16a4f2f55b2cdd32521f4
Windows 32 bit Installer a025516166b3901d4e1f22125fba4f41 be358ce4daa0737c1f230b6f182f30923ab0e9add9f34419494ea3f7831488bf
MacOS 11+ DiskImage 4593966921425259494af6ba07939175 d6d9bbe715ae63e8770f381dd91781e0b6611fe687acad8b00c717dccb041f1a
Linux AppImage 70fd8c61925f5f5631e72028ce78a9d0 8272127ba43a54cfc6c17f78a01bc885eefc0f9b472e51e04c1b406251ba09e6
Linux Flathub Beta
File GPG Signatures








For anyone who compiles themselves, note that we are not using master but a feature branch called protected/navalwarfare. See above for which commit to use, or use the Tournament2023 tag.

This is a brief quickstart intro to naval warfare, since no tutorial has been written yet.

  • You can refit any transport ship to a warship and vice versa using the Refit button in the ship's window. Refitting takes place at a port and is free.
  • Warships can garrison soldiers. You can control the capacity and hero/rookie exchange. Soldiers can only be exchanged while the warship is in a port.
  • You can control warships much like expedition ships.
  • Warships can attack other warships in range. Click on an enemy warship to open an attack window.
    • The mechanics of naval battle are much like for soldier fights.
    • All soldiers on a warship give the ship's attack strength a bonus (heroes count more than rookies); the dots below the ship's health bar indicate how much of a bonus the ship gets.
    • Ship-to-ship fights always end with one ship getting sunk.
    • Damaged ships heal when in a port.
    • There is no kind of training for ships.
    • There are no battle animations yet.
  • When a warship finds a port space, regardless of whether the space is owned by an enemy player or unowned, and regardless of whether the owner has a port there or not, it can launch an invasion. Click on the port space to open the invasion attack window.
    • Any enemy warships in range will defend against the invasion. If there are no defenders or if your invasion can defeat them all, the selected invasion soldiers land around the port space.
    • If your soldiers land successfully, they go around conquering nearby enemy militarysites (as well as ports and HQs).
      • You can use the attack window for those sites if you want to destroy instead of conquer.
    • Any invasion soldiers who do not occupy conquered militarysites will conquer the port space and guard it indefinitely until you build a port nearby or otherwise connect it to your economy.

Some new notable features to keep in mind: Garrisons in warehouses and ports (accessible from the Soldiers tab); expedition enhancements (set ship destinations to ports, other ships, pinned notes on water, or previously discovered port spaces; this also allows you to group multiple ships into armadas); fleet targets for ships and ferries; plus all the numerous goodies documented in the changelog.

Overview of all naval-warfare-related stuff that has and has not yet been implemented:
Please try out a few test games since this is a bit of a learning curve, though we tried to make it as intuitive to use and consistent with other existing functionality as possible. All questions and suggestions welcome, but please in a separate thread face-wink.png

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That's a very interesting new feature.

My map suggestions:

Ice Wars (for the "battle royale")

Forest Valley Tournament Version

Together we are strong

The Nile (blue vs red)

Calvisson (blue vs red or green vs yellow)

Wanted to save the world, then I got widetracked

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WorldSavior wrote:

That's a very interesting new feature.

My map suggestions:

Ice Wars (for the "battle royale")

Forest Valley Tournament Version

Together we are strong

The Nile (blue vs red)

Calvisson (blue vs red or green vs yellow)

Nice suggestions. may I take your post as a subscription?

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DE : Ich bin dabei EN : Count me in

Das Imperium schlägt zurück ! TY

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I am going to take part as well.

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Count me in face-smile.png

Fight simulator for Widelands:

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Cool Idea - count me in !

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