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Hasn't unread posts Technical Help
Ask here if you run into problems with the game
Topics: 652
Posts: 6083
Barbarian inventory statistics
by Nordfriese on 2021-03-01, 19:07
Hasn't unread posts Game Suggestions
Discuss new feature ideas here.
Topics: 623
Posts: 8784
new tribe: amazons
by hessenfarmer on 2021-03-03, 09:44
Hasn't unread posts Playing Widelands
Strategies, hints and gameplay questions go here.
Topics: 418
Posts: 6369
v1.0 Screenshots Submission
by OIPUN on 2021-03-03, 14:12
Hasn't unread posts Map Editor Forum
Discuss questions about the map editor, campaigns-in-the-making or new maps in this forum.
Topics: 147
Posts: 1281
Copy Paste Script
by Gilb on 2021-02-15, 18:09
Has unread posts = Unread posts Hasn't unread posts = No unread posts