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Topic: Bugs between b21 and b22

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Posted at: 2020-10-11, 08:27

teppo wrote:

Music while in lobby?

I could sometimes hang in the lobby and wait for potential matches while doing other nerdy things. However, the music makes that so annoying that I do not. Not really a bug, feature request. Also military site preference buttons and some minor fixes missing; maybe those count as feature requests as well.

I already change from the theme tune to the in-game music set to make it less annoying.

I think the best solution would be to make the options screen available here. Nordfriese recently changed the options to a WUI window, so programming this should be feasible now.

Busy indexing nil values

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Posted at: 2020-10-18, 20:48

WorldSavior wrote:

Another very annoying bug which seems to be new is that soldiers can get completely stuck at hostile military buildings. In this replay, some time after 2h at a guardhouse at the east from the (destroyed) red headquarters, a blue soldier gets stuck and can only be released by destroying his own military building.

It seems like the soldier reaches the hostile building exactly when this building gets destroyed.

By the way, the match from the replay is extremely crazy and worth a watch ; )

Bug: Soldier stuck at destroyed enemy building #4375

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