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Topic: Bugs between b21 and b22

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Nordfriese wrote:

Millers, charcoal burners and the like are technically not costless – they cost one carrier. Only carriers and recruits are truly costless. +1 for omitting these from the statistics.

Issue filed: https://github.com/widelands/widelands/issues/4030

WorldSavior wrote:

GunChleoc wrote:

WorldSavior wrote:

  • The sound when you place a building should not be an "ambient sound", but a "user interface sound".

This means that you will no longer hear your ally placing buildings on the map. Is this what we want? If we do, branch is ready https://github.com/gunchleoc/widelands/tree/constructionsite-ui-sound

Does that mean that you have turned the interface sounds off? Ambient sounds bother me partly so I turned them off, but interface sounds don't bother me and I didn't deactivate them

Interface sounds are only played for your own actions and not for the actions of anybody else. So, when all sounds are on, if placing a constructionsite is a UI sound, you only hear your own, in addition to the UI click. If placing a constructionsite is an ambient sound, you hear all visible within a certain distance from the current map view center.

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