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5 2010-10-03, 15:19 Kristin 'link to AtlanteansPage (which contains another description of the Atlanteans)'
4 2009-05-07, 19:24 Lars_Krimi 'Revision for new structure, page will only be history now'
3 2009-04-23, 07:40 Astuur 'This is an attempt to provide some credible background to the characteristics of this tribe in WL and shed some light onto the history of that culture -- no more. No information is given here to explain the currently very modest ans uniform buildings as this does not fit into the rest of the story and hopefully will be changed. There is also no reference to the Atlantean economy itsself and its inner workings which should be explained elsewhere.'
2 2009-04-18, 16:49 Lars_Krimi 'Edited links to wares etc and moved text down below picture'
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