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# The Atlanteans ¶


The Atlanteans are a high culture with very ambivalent faces. On the one hand, Atlanteans have very good schools and don't know, or better to say don't need, any masters or chiefs. Every person, who learned a job is already very skilled at it. On the other hand, the Atlantean workers are much more expensive than workers of other tribes.Furthermore, the Atlanteans are some kind of nature-scientists (mathematicians, physicans and chemicants). As a result their buildings are very geometrical and require special materials, like spidercloth, mountain crystals and diamond in addition to simple planks and stone. ¶

Atlantean buildings are very simple, useful, but very stable. In that way Atlantean mines are much bigger than those of the other tribes. They mine in a radius of 5 fields around the minehead, and only work in group of 3 miners. Also the buildcosts of a mine are more expensive. ¶

Further the Atlanteans are very special (and again ambivalent) in case of food. On the one hand, they don't eat raw meat or raw fish. They prefer their own kind of bread made out of corn and blackroot and don't drink alcohol. On the other hand, they are so individual, that no-one would ever try to create the *ultimate* atlantean meal. That's one reason, why there are no taverns and why the miners are supplied with bread, smoked fish and meat. (__2 smoked fish/meat + 2 bread__= 3 coal or 3 iron or 2 gold or 2 mountain crystal or 1 diamond). ¶

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