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News: Widelands tournament 2019: first round started


Widelands tournament 2019: first round started

--------- FOURTH TURN -----------

Game will be played on "fjords" 1.2 version, (map downloadable at win condition: wood gnome

deadline for starting the game is sunday 28 july. Deadline for completing the game is sunday 4 august

- blue player result red player time
- worldsavior 1-0 king of nowhere scheduled monday 15 june 14:30 CEST
- the-x 1-0 kaputtnik scheduled saturday 13 july at 14 CEST
- hessenfarmer trimard
- mars tando scheduled saturday 20 july at 19 CEST
- gunchleoc watchcat scheduled wednesday July 24th, 18:45 CEST.
- laza Hasi50 scheduled thursday 18 july at 13 CEST
- modellbahnerTT ektor
- janus 1-0 forfait
More informations here in the forums.

3 comments Posted by king_of_nowhere on 2019-05-25, 19:17

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Thanks a lot for organizing this!


Can we choose our tribe ?


of course you can. you choose it the moment you play. the rules contain more details about it

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