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News: Easier testing on Linux with Flatpaks


Easier testing on Linux with Flatpaks

Testing development builds

As many of you may know, we do provide unofficial development packages for Windows and macOS. For Linux, we have a PPA that provides users of Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives with development builds.

Since we moved to GitHub the PPA hasn't been updated and the only option for users has been to manually compile Widelands from the sources. Although this has become straightforward because we provide detailed instructions and also a script that installs all necessary dependencies, some users simply want to install the development version to either discover new features that have been added or simply want to help find bugs. For those users flatpaks will be a welcome addition.

Welcome Flatpak

For those of you who don't know what Flatpaks are, head over to and their superb FAQ to learn more about. In a nutshell, flatpaks are a distribution independent package format to distribute applications on Linux.

Flatpaks for releases had already been available for Build 19 and Build 20. Thanks to the work of scx we can now provide development builds for all distributions.

The flatpaks will be updated irregularly (every other week) to ensure that you always have the newest features and bug fixes at hand. To learn more about how to use the flathub development builds, head over to our Download Section and follow the instructions.

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