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News: Build 20 first Snow Feature Freeze now in place

Feature Freeze

Build 20 first Snow Feature Freeze now in place

It is getting colder...

Widelands build 20 first snow feature freeze is now in place. What does that mean? It means that we will only change translations, graphics and sounds for the foreseeable future - no new features. Improvements to the new Frisian tribe will also still be accepted. We will fix outstanding targeted bugs and newly found critical bugs, but the current development version is pretty much what Widelands Build 20 will look like.

What happens next?

According to the Release Documentation, we will fix the remaining bugs and roughly two weeks after this, we will declare winter time feature freeze. This is to give you (the community) some more time to catch up with translations etc. Roughly one week after the winter time feature freeze, we will provide you all with the first release candidate for even more testing.

What does that mean for me?

You have only a few more weeks to update the translations for Widelands Build 20. Head over to Transifex (instructions can be found in our wiki) and add the missing translations for your language! And play the current development version as much as you can and report bugs. Build 20 should be a rock solid release like all the others before it. Let's make it so.

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Yippiyeah! face-grin.png

This will be great release!


"It is getting colder..."? There was such a good opportunity to say "Winter is coming!" face-grin.png


Let's build a build! ("Can we fix it? Yes, we can!")

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