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The Latest Goodies for Build 20

Since we’re now in feature freeze, it’s time to summarize what we’ve been up to during the last half year. Numerous bugs have been fixed, the performance has been improved, and new features have been implemented. Here are some of the highlights:

Animations, Icons and Overlays

  • Improved Frisian models
  • Added missing working and workload animations to Atlantean Smoker, Barbarian Big Inn and Barbarian Wood Hardener
  • Each tribe now has individual resource indicator graphics
  • Added utility to rename animation files in bulk

Sounds and Music

  • Never play the same song twice in a row
  • Improvements to sounds and the sound mix

Tutorials, Campaigns and Scripting

  • Diverse improvements to the new Empire and Frisian scenarios and the Economy Tutorial
  • Added support for writing and loading of campaign data, so that some scenario state can be transferred from one scenario to the next in campaigns
  • Unified design of MapObject program names.
  • Introduced the return value no_stats for work programs


  • Unfortunately, we had to break savegame compatibility in version 8747 in order to fix an issue with the economy engine, which required a big code change
  • Fixed performance problems with long savegames that were resulting in endless save loops


  • Improved identification of regions that can’t be connected so that the AI won’t waste any time with attempts to build something there
  • Improved decision making for mining
  • Fisher now strictly requires fish in the vicinity
  • Tweaked scoring of AI performance, used for training of AI
  • Continued AI training


  • Numerous balancing improvements for all tribes, especially for mines and for the Frisians
  • Added check for visibility of military building before permitting an attack
  • Improved algorithm for promotion and demotion of roads
  • Ware routing improvements to prevent road congestion

User Interface

  • Building Statistics now only show relevant buildings
  • Show in-game clock in release builds too
  • In multiplayer games, scroll to starting position when a game is loaded
  • New Ship Statistics window that lets players access all their ships easily
  • Use Lua to define background and button styles in data/templates/default
  • New graphics for fullscreen menus
  • Fix mousewheel speed for lists and broken auto-scrolling of multi-line text areas
  • Added tooltip to file save and make directory edit boxes if illegal filename is being entered
  • Added a checkbox to toggle filenames when loading a replay
  • Select map-defined player names and tribes for non-scenario maps in single player game setup
  • Input queues for buildings now show a different graphic when a missing ware is already on its way
  • Redesigned the showing of work area overlays: on by default when placing a building, and off by default otherwise
  • Auto-close the building window when dismantling a building
  • Added a dialog for the host when the connection to a client is lost – this allows the hosting player to select whether to replace the client with an AI or to exit


  • Completed the switchover to the new font renderer
  • Fixed mix of localized / unlocalized default player names in editor
  • Fix undefined / unexpected behavior in case LANG environment is empty

Help and Documentation

  • Constructionsites’ help buttons now point to the help for the building being built
  • Documented metaserver command line option
  • Added to the online documentation


  • Fixed bugs in map options panel
  • Fixed keyboard navigation with escape and enter for save map and save game screens
  • New maps now have 0 players
  • Redesigned player menu and info tool text
  • Player tribes can now be defined as random

Graphics Engine

  • Fixed fuzzy overlay images when the player hits Ctrl+0 to reset the zoom


  • Improvements to Metaserver protocol
  • Fixed memory leak in LanGameFinder

Operating System Dependent changes


  • Add CFBundleShortVersionString to Mac builds
  • Improvements to Mac build options


  • Fixed Appdata for Debian-based software centers


  • Write log output to homedir instead of the program folder
  • Widelands is now installed into local Appdata

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I've played this game on and off for almost ten years. I just want to say thanks to all of those who put in the hard work of making the game better and better. Very much looking forward to play this and future improvements face-smile.png

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