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Economy tournament 2018

Economy tournament 2018: and the winner is...


He managed to surprise everybody with his results in all categories. All the scores are available at the end of this post.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this type of tournament and there will be another one!

6 comments Posted by einstein13 on 2018-06-02, 11:08

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Congratulations to all participants and WordlSavior in the first place!


Thanks again for organizing the tournament face-smile.png


What a great tournament idea this was! This is so much more in line with the spirit of Widelands! Thanks for organizing and congrats to the winner!


Thank you face-smile.png

And thanks for inventing and developing this game again. It's really inspiring face-smile.png


I'm glad you're having fun face-smile.png


Me too face-wink.png

Thank you and all the other developers for developing the game

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