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Widelands Build 19 Released

Build 19 is done.

No show stoppers appeared during our testing of build 19 rc1, so we went ahead today and released build 19 to the public. Enjoy playing: If you have an older version of Widelands installed, we recommend that you uninstall it before installing Widelands Build 19.

Some fun facts - this release has been worked on for 993 days and fixed 532 bugs, compared to build 18 which took 670 days and fixed 284 bugs - both numbers are up considerably. This means that a bug was fixed or a feature implemented every other day!

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the success of build 19, be it through playing, coding, translating or participating in the forums!

We have also created a general video trailer for Widelands, which you can watch on YouTube. Translated trailers are also available for some languages in our Youtube channel. Many thanks to all who helped produce the trailers!

9 comments Posted by GunChleoc on 2016-11-11, 17:20

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Woo hoo! May many wares be transported and artifacts be found!


Congratulations everybody, and thank you for a build well done!


I doesn't work for me. The other builds work just fine.. I can't fix it!


Could you explain why it doesn't work for you?

Please ask in the forum for help face-smile.png


I am happy to announce this build 19 is already avalaible for Mageia Linux 5 end users, with a backport waiting for testers :


Great, thanks face-smile.png


The arch-linux package is already updated face-smile.png


Thank you to everyone - will download at the weekend and start playing again for the first time in about a year. And thank you to SirVer for making it all happen to start with, and Gun for taking it forward from here.

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