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Widelands tournament 2016 has started!

The second round has officially started. The pairings are

- blue player tribe result red player tribe time
- gunchleoc EMP --- sirver EMP
- king of nowhere ATL --- toptopple ATL
- notabilis ATL --- tando BAR
- Hasi50 ATL --- WorldSavior ATL
- trimard ATL --- waylon531 EMP
- janus BAR --- LAZA RANDOM
- alleyjazz BAR --- epicspartan098 EMP
- auktionadmin EMP --- kristin ATL

More informations on the relevant threads, especially this one

EDIT: I'm waiting a bit to post the tribes to give everyone time to change decision. You can change tribe until I post them.

UPPDATE: Now I posted them.

0 comments Posted by king_of_nowhere on 2016-11-13, 23:35

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