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News: Build 18 release candidate is now available


Build 18 release candidate is now available

Build 18 rc1 is available

The first build candidate of build 18 is available. Holy moly, I though I'd never see the day :). Please download it (see below) and test it. If no showstopper bugs show up, we will release build 18 in about one or two weeks.

Some of the highlights of this build are:

  • Seafaring enhancements: expeditions and colonization.
  • Eviction of workers from production sites.
  • Soldier preference selection in military sites.
  • Better in-game stock charts with new information.
  • new maps, sounds, music, graphics & animations.
  • On demand loading of graphics improves startup time.
  • Better performance: Widelands needs less CPU and memory.

It is imperative that this candidate is tested by as many people as possible! Please do so and provide feedback. You can find binaries for windows and Mac and sources for all other OSes at:

6 comments Posted by SirVer on 2014-02-07, 20:49

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Finally! After 654 days... since release 17!


Finally we have a stable version of Widelands face-smile.png and ships face-grin.png

Thank you, all widelands programmers! face-smile.png


I hadn't played Widelands before, but last night I downloaded/installed/ran the Mac OS X binaries of 18rc1 and it worked reasonably well. There were some issues specific to playing on a MacBook but I'd still call it stable. And fun face-smile.png Thanks to everyone involved.

Where is the best place to provide specific feedback? Here?


Good to hear :).

Concerning feedback - this depends on what type of feedback you want to give. E.g. in case you found a bug in Widelands, feedback on the bugtracker ( would be most suitable. However for discussions about strategies, etc. the forums will be the best place. Further we got a mailing list and an IRC chat face-smile.png ... so pick the one you like most.

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