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Update on the Update on b18

One more update for build 18...

Today we fixed the last critical bug for b18 (again :)). That means that we can go again at testing for another two weeks. If nothing bad shows up - I am quite confident now that nothing will, because we fixed quite a lot of subtle and not so subtle bugs - we can bring out the release candidate in two weeks time.

So head over to the Downloads Page and grab the nightly for your OS.

8 comments Posted by SirVer on 2014-01-18, 15:08

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Thanks SirVer and all other for the great work and bug hunting! Grabbed the new 6823 from Tinos page and played a bit... - all worked fine so far.

Will there be an official playday in about 2-4 weeks to test the RC again? I think, this would be fun and an greater audience will notice the upcoming release...



I took care about the play day: the next official play day will be next weekend on the 25 January.


I can just accompany LAZA: Thank you very much to everyone who kept the effort in fixing the leftover bugs!


I get a crash from 6823 (looks the same as years ago):

Thread 0 Crashed: Dispatch queue: 0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x00007fff82b030b6 __kill + 10 1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x00007fff82ba39f6 abort + 83 2 org.widelands.wl 0x000000015f8432d0 boost::signals2::detail::connection_body<std::pair<boost::signals2::detail::slot_meta_group, boost::optional<int> >, boost::signals2::slot<void ()(Point), boost::function<void ()(Point)> >, boost::signals2::mutex>::connected() const + 1337552


A bug report should be what you are going for, dude. Here, it is by pure chance that someone will see your comment. Also the information in this snippet will not be enough to get it fixed.


Please be so kind an head over to our brand new "good bug report site:

I would be pleased to get ANYTHING from you, you don't understand or misunderstood on this site. You can alos write me in broid Schwäbisch or (alternatively) German. face-wink.png


Sounding great guys, I can't wait.


The latest build is still (c) 2002-2013. It is 2014 now, and there have been commits this month. Were all those public domain (no copyright) patches...?

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