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Widelands build 18 released.

Build 18 is done.

No show stoppers appeared during our extensive testing of build 18 rc1, so we went ahead today and released build 18 to the public. Enjoy playing:

Some fun facts - this release has been worked on for 670 days and fixed 284 bugs. Compared to build 17 which took 374 days, fixed 190 bugs both numbers are up considerably. In total though, Widelands gained a lot of new features during this development cycle and is definitively the most fun it has ever been.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the success of build 18, be it through playing, coding, translating or participating in the forums!

10 comments Posted by SirVer on 2014-02-22, 13:42

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Are there chnages compared to Build 18 - RC1

THanks for the information Wolfgang


No, nothing else beside that it identifies itself as build 18.


Great!!! Thanks to all!

BTW. in the changelog displayed after installation there is still written ### Build 18-rc1


Ohh damn :). Well, too late now. This is a minor fix anyway.


Argl, I meant minor bug of course.


Thank Great game........


Looking forward to some very long weekends and nights face-smile.png


Just wondering, I have the build 6841, is this same as 'build 18'?


Congratulations, Widelands Team!!! I'm eager to take this build for spin around the block. Hope to be contributing again in the near future.

Cheers! Chuck


It's a pity that there won't be a version for 32bit OS X 10.6. I spent several days trying to compile it myself but I didn't succeed and finally gave up.

Anyway, I enjoyed playing Widelands a lot during the last years (starting with build 13). If (heaven forbid!) my machine dies some day, I might give it another try.

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