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Tournament Round 1 is over

Tournament Standings

The first round of the first Widelands tournament is over and everything went more or less smoothly: there was one desync in my own game and various smaller problems setting up the network configurations of all players. If you have the same problems, there is an article on our Wiki that might help: InternetGaming. But all games were played on time.

The winners of the first round are Nasenbaer, ivh, Tmk and myself while _ad, Fopper, Gannaf and !McMad2nd were sent to the loser's bracket for their second chance to still reach the finals. Here are the brackets for the current standings.

Some of the games were closer then others, but all are fun to watch. So check out the correct Widelands version, grab the replays and enjoy some good games of Widelands.

The second round of the tournaments is running till the 9th October. The map played is Checkmate:

Checkmate Map

After round two, some players will have been eliminated for good and others are one step closer to the finals. Who will be the champion?

On a site note; I've added some small features to the Homepage: there is now an important dates box and the news RSS feed finally also displays the post's body text.

Edit: Added a link to the Internet setup help in the Wiki. I missed that there was such an article.

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Nice face-smile.png

However there is already a note for setting up the router and the firewall - the link is posted every time one logs into the metaserver -> InternetGaming (see part "System configuration for hosting players")

Of course that's a general explanation, but I do not think we should write router specific howtos... there are simply too much different routers and surely enough howtos for "port forwarding" in the internet face-smile.png

However I have one Tip for you:) : if one uses a Fritzbox with german localisation, port forwarding is wrong translated as "Port Freigabe" instead of "Port Weiterleitung"...


Oh, I missed the WIki page. Silly little me.

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