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Tournament news!

Round 2 is over

The second round of the tournament is over and here I am to bring you the traditional writeup. We had the following games:

Winner's Bracket

Game 5 - Nasenbaer (Atlanteans) vs ivh (Atlanteans)

This fight was won by ivh who knew the map better and obviously trained quite a bit before the game. Nasenbaer lost and was sent to the losers bracket.

Game 6 - Tmk (Atlanteans) vs !SirVer (Empire)

This was such a close game. Tmk massed a lot of young soldiers out of his weapon and armor smithy while I went the training route. As we met, I had too little soldiers to man my buildings at the front while he swarmed me with his. Through burning buildings before he could take them and moving stronger soldiers to the front I was able to gain ground inch by inch. It was not clear who would get the stronger hand for a long time, but I managed to defeat Tmk in the end. What a nail biter, the replay is a must see!

Loser's Bracket

Game 9 - _aD (Empire) vs Fopper (Barbarians)

This was the first game that was played with build 15 in this tournament which means that the replay is easily accessible to everyone interested! The players only sent the second part of it in though, so the beginning of the game is missing.

Fopper was short on wood, but built a trainings camp early and trained his starting soldiers to a fearsome level. _aD managed to bring up a good working economy: no marble or wood problems. But he neglected the training and military production aspect and was not able to produce soldiers quickly enough. When the two met, _aD was the first to attack; this aggression let to a stalemate between the two players at their front, but in the end Fopper was able to solve his coal problem faster than _aD his beer problem and Fopper could take the game. _aD - one of my fellow Empire players - drops out of the Tournament and Fopper advances to play in game 11 next.

Game 10 - Gannaf (Empire) vs !McMad2nd (Atlanteans)

This game was played yesterday under a lot of technical difficulties. But with a lot of tweaking and much flexibility by the two players, it took place. There was at least one desync, but both players agreed at the end that McMad2nd won. My dearest brother therefore still has the chance to go on to the finals while Gannaf is the second Empire player to drop out of the tournament. We haven't got the replays yet, therefore I cannot comment on the game itself.

Next round

ivh and I can relax for a little bit in the winner bracket. But we will face each other in the next game and I will have to show my best against the third atlantean in three games. Whoever wins this game will play in the final of the tournament.

The players from the losers bracket are first to play though. We will have Game 11 between Fopper (Barbarians) and Nasenbaer (Atlanteans) and Game 12 between McMad2nd (Atlanteans) and Tmk (Atlanteans).

The map played for all games is Crater:


Good luck and have fun all players in the tournament!

What else?

As always, you can find the current standings on the bracket: Just click here. As before, you can find all replays and updates on the WLTournamentTwentyTen site.

The tournament was already a big success for widelands: we found a ton of bugs - some of them only affecting windows - and fixed them. The beta testing character is therefore turning out well. Also some of the games have been extremely close and shown that widelands can be quite entertaining and exciting to watch.

Kristin also finished the design for the winners shirt and it's a one-of-a-kind: absolutely priceless to have!

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Very nice sum up! _aD and I had a de-sync and had to restart that is why I sent only half a replay.


Good luck guys for the next round.. Hoping to see replays soon face-smile.png

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