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On to the finals

On to the finals...

And here I am again to bring you tidings of the struggle of the three tribes: the widelands tournament went on and brought very good games. Let's dive into it!

Winner's Bracket

Game 7 - Winner's final - ivh (Atlanteans) VS !SirVer (Empire)

The winners bracket final was played between ivh and myself. And, what can I say? Ivh ran over me, it was not even close. He got his military up and running in no time and outproduced me in the level 0 soldiers. So he sent me to the loser's bracket to meet up with the winner of game 13 while he just ran through the winner bracket and is the first participant in the grand final. Congratulations ivh!

Loser's Bracket

Game 11 - Fopper (Barbarians) VS Nasenbaer (Atlanteans)

Nasenbaer starts of by building up his economy while Fopper does a fast battle arena and metal workshop. As soon as they meet, Fopper has already some soldiers trained in evade and some axes stockpiled for fast reenforcement while Nasenbaer just got his soldier production up. Fopper wins the ensuring battle and takes this game.

Nasenbaer is therefore the first developer to drop out of the tournament while Fopper advances to game 13.

Game 12 - !McMad2nd (Atlanteans) VS Tmk (Atlanteans)

This game did not take place, as Tmk could not make it due to constraints outside his control. He was quite sad -- as was I, because he is a good player -- but he will be around on the WiHackTwentyTenReloaded and I bet that he will join the next tournament again!

However, for now, McMad2nd gets a bye and advances to the game 13 while Tmk is out of the tournament.

Game 13 - Fopper (Barbarians) VS !McMad2nd (Atlanteans)

Fopper opened up with his signature strategy: fast Battle Arena into mass soldier production. McMad2nd started out by building up his economy but maneuvered himself into a deadlock: he forgot to build a sawmill and when he realized this and made a construction site for it, all his builders were already busy on other sites that would not progress because planks were missing. It took him a while to realize this and when he did, the menace was already at his doorstep: Fopper ran over the Atlantean tribe with a dominating military force.

McMad2nd is therefore out of the tournament and Fopper plays in the loser's final (game 14) against me. Who will take third place? Who will play in the grand final? Read on!

Game 14 Loser's final - !SirVer (Empire) vs Fopper (Barbarians)

I was very afraid of this game, because I was sure that I could not beat a barbarian on a small map. I optimized my build for very fast soldier production but didn't dare hoping for success -- the barbarians are much faster than the empire in producing soldiers. At the beginning, it seemed as if Fopper would indeed just run me over but he had issues of his very own: Too slow an axe production and one or two military buildings missing on his frontier allowed me to run over his frontier with my last all-in attack: his defenses broke and after taking two military buildings in a rush I was able to burn down his HQ even though he still had the stronger standing forces in his kingdom. But without warehouse, no economy.

At one point, I was already on the point of giving up but pure sheer luck carried me through in the end. I move on to the finals while Fopper is out; I am very sure that he will be back with a vengeance in the next tournament.

Grand final - ivh vs !SirVer

So I get the chance to play ivh again, he beat me in Game 7, but I am back from the loser's bracket to challenge him again. The finals will be played on the map The pass through the mountains:

The pass through the mountains

The grand final will be played on Saturday evening while I am on the WiHackTwentyTenReloaded, so we will have some live and some online spectators. This is a really exiting outlook ;).

So, good luck ivh. I am looking forward to playing you again in the grand final of the first widelands tournament ever. One of us will carry the precious T-Shirt home after this ;).

What else?

As always, you can find the current standings on the bracket: Just click here. As before, you can find all replays and updates on the WLTournamentTwentyTen site.

3 comments Posted by SirVer on 2010-10-27, 10:19

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The winner gets a t-shirt? I'll double my efforts. face-smile.png

I would have liked to join you guys at WiHack, but I won't be able to. So I will have to play with fewer supporters than you (i.e. none).

Good luck to you, too! /ivh


Siver thanks for the nice analysis! As said on IRC I didn't get why no one switched tribes when the maps were announced (also I didn't switch, but would have done that for the final). Maybe ivh has a surprise on Sathurday? I will be back! And when I can make it, I will be in the online audience.


I will stick with Empire for my game, because I know them best. If ivh plays barbarians, I will definitively lose as the map is super small. If he plays empire or atlanteans, I might have a chance, though he is the better player I think. Looking forward to the game.

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