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Another development update

As time runs by and the second part of !WiHack 2010 is already in a near future, I would like to sum up, what we have done lately. face-smile.png

So on the feature and game play side, the most visible changes have been:

  • Players that are defeated will become spectators, so they at least have the fun to watch everything what's going on.
  • The building statistics of opposing players are no more visible.
  • Two new win conditions were added ("wood gnome" and "land lord").
  • Builders have now idle animations, if they wait for build material at their constructionsite .
  • A lot new animations for imperial workers.
  • A shared kingdom feature was implemented.
  • Basic multiplayer scenario support was added (but no multiplayer scenario yet face-wink.png ).

Further the compile script (before named "" now "") was improved to ease compilations of widelands for the user.

And on bug fixing site, two popular (besides other) bugs were fixed:

  • the "[fetchfromflag] - building dissappeared" bug, which lead to a complete crash of Widelands
  • the scout program got fixed (although there might still be a problem somewhere, which leads to desyncs...)

So what are these new features, you might ask ;).

First of all, let me begin with the win conditions:

  • "Land lord" is a win condition, that is different to the standard win condition. The goal is not to defeat all players, but to own more than half of the maps' area and to keep it for at least 20 minutes.
  • "Wood gnome" is even more different ;). The goal is, to have as much trees as possible on your territory after four hours of playing. So on the one hand you need to get a big territory and of course have to defeat it, on the other hand, you need a lot of space for trees and so have not much space for other buildings.

The "shared kingdom" feature allows you, to share a kingdom with one ore more players - which means you play the same tribe and have the same possibilities to control it. To activate it, first set the same team as the player you would like to help out and than click on the tribe button until a text "Help playername" appears. That's it face-smile.png

Okay that's it for now. Hope I was able to give you a short insight into our developments :).

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