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Widelands on Radio Corax

Community member Tmk is one of the guys participating in the free radio station Radio Corax. And he decided to dedicate half an hour to Widelands and his history. Today, we chatted on the phone about widelands and he managed to put my blabbering together to a very nice interview. Check it out, as widelands will be on air tomorrow:

6 of November, 7pm CET

streaming at or on your radio if you live near Halle (Saale)!

Caveat: Radio Corax is in german only.

The MP3 will be posted after the event here on the page.

Update: You can find the MP3 of the 25 minutes of Widelands here: clicky.

4 comments Posted by SirVer on 2010-11-06, 00:33

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which Halle?

Halle an der Saale? Halle/Westfalen?

Or another one (three more in Germany)...


Thanks. Fixed in the original post.


Just finished listening to it - nice program, thank you Tmk!


Thanks for the update face-smile.png

I just listend to the mp3. Nice, nice face-smile.png

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