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Official "play day"

This is an open invitation to everyone who likes to play Widelands face-smile.png

We want to play together - we want to play with YOU!

It will not be a real tournament, but surely a lot of fun face-smile.png

So if you feel like playing Widelands on next Saturday (13th of Nov.), just join the Metaserver lobby and join one of the games. If nobodys there, poke the guys in our IRC CHAT - there will hopefully be someone willing to open or join a game. face-smile.png

Well that's it for now, but some things are still under discussion (join in face-smile.png ), so this post will surely be updated in next time. face-smile.png

Update: We we'll play revision 5700 on saturday. We provide development snapshots for Mac OS and Windows. Links to the packages will be posted as soon as they are done. See you on Saturday!

Package Links:

Summary by !SirVer

We had a blast today. I played nearly 10 hours straight today 8). Just a short summary of my games below:

The first game I played today was planned to be a 2v2v2v2 on the map Rendez-Vous. Because of some chaos, it turned out a bit differently: wideguy+nshl+samithdisal got blue, Kristin+Myself played red, Tino+ivh played yellow, and poor Mars played green all alone. Because of the mentioned chaos, no one remembered to change his tribe, so we were all barbarians. The map makes for very long games: there is only a very small spot in the middle were the players meet and it is very hard to take and then even harder to hold because you are attackable from three sites. A back and forth happened and just as Kristin and I were about to be pushed from the middle again, we were saved by a bug: core dump!

For the second game, I hand the word to ixprefect, who found the perfect description in the play-day discussion thread:

Well, that was a blast! I was the cause of some trouble at first because I had a bad revision - and Bazaar refused to checkout a different version.

But then we had a great game of 2v2v2 on Riverlands, though the map was pretty unfair to !ChemBro who had a crappy starting position, so Orange+Black (janus) was off to a tough start - not to mention with Green (my ally Vidooo) cutting through Black pretty soon, though I couldn't pay much attention to that as I was busy with Red (Anja and Kristin using the shared kingdom feature) on the northern front. I defeated them despite offerings of cake, but then ran into Blue (!SirVer), who had lots of fully trained soldiers. It was a tense stand-off of Blue vs. Green and Yellow (me) in the end, with the two of us having significantly larger military power according to statistics, but !SirVer having very strong soldiers, and he put up a formidable fight. In the end we unfortunately ran into a bug that cut the game short.

Still, it was an awesome experience. When I joined this project it was basically a viewer of Settlers 2 maps, and not much else. Now it's a full blown game that has given me five hours of intense entertainment. We've come a long, long way face-smile.png

Yep; saved by a bug again :). Even though both games were ended by critical bugs, both games were many hours long with a lot of players: nine in the first, seven in the second game. So widelands is not as unstable as it sounds, and rest assured: we are already on the hunt for those bugs.

And what games did you play today?

10 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2010-11-09, 17:15

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Will Timowi update the PPA to 5700 as well ??


Win32 is up:

But it seems you can only use direct connect. Joining a game through the lobby or creating one leads to a segfault face-sad.png


hehe nice play .... at the end i closed the terminal by mistake face-sad.png


about the s2 map viewer: Kristin and myself are currently playing the settlers 2 world maps (yes, bluebyte modeled the complete world for settlers 2 gold) and they work like a charm. There is just no stone in the mountains, so one has to play barbarians or fix the maps, but it was really great finally being able to finish Europe (Settlers two couldn't handle such a big map).


Wideguy created the game with the "Comet island", we - Mars and nshl joined. Mars was imperials. We all didn't know the map and that was the fault - because the actual fight begin for the iron mines in the center. Problems with wood supply were permanent because of the desert land. I expanded fast trying to reach iron hill, but Mars attacked my fortress that would allow me to build iron mines and destroyed it. I was able to rebuild the fortress at the same place, but now it wouldn't allow me iron mine. Just several flags on the iron hill could be placed. At the same time Mars was looking for some other resource - stone mine? He couldn't find it also. Wideguy also complained that his economy stalled. I destroyed a barriers to find a better place for another fortress, that would allow me to reach the iron at last. At this time a had only a few soldiers left. Shortly after that Mars attacked and took both. That was the end of game for me and I gave up.


Aah a pitty I only read this now, but I think I also could not make it on Sathurday as I had to come from Sevilla to Enschede and play a game and be exhausted afterwards...


Any replays? Would really like to watch! Thanks!


Not as far as i know. There are surely some existing, but well...


I've just uploaded game2, check the "Official playday" forum thread for the link.


cool thanks! I think uploading replays is a good thing. Atleast I love to watch replays of others playing. Fun and relaxing. Playing yourself is sometimes nervewracking face-smile.png

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