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Development update

Well... already 2 more month since my last development update... so let me give you a short look on the new stuff we implemented since than. face-smile.png

First of all: Chuck continued being creative and added a lot very great new animations. He is really doing a very good job there :).

And on game feature site:

  • We finally added a team play feature - teamed players can't attack each other and share the vision
  • Defeated players will now become spectators in some game types - so they can go on spectating after being defeated.
  • the basic opengl support was merged and improved at some places - if you feel like Widelands is too slow, you can now try the new opengl renderer face-smile.png
  • Players on Windows are finally able to host games via our internet lobby
  • The computer player was partly improved
  • The forester got some more intelligence - finally he understands, that it is not a good idea, to rip out other small trees and as well cares about affinities of the trees (so will place a tree that best fits the place)
  • A lot new translations were added.
  • The map autogeneration feature is now able to place starting positions and was slightly improved to produce better playable maps.
  • Players now get a message, if a new militarysite was occupied.
  • In multiplayer games, the hosting player got some new commands to control the game (just type /help in the chat box)

And as alwasy - last but not least: we again fixed some nasty bugs face-smile.png

So although some of us disappeared in the "summer hole" ;), we still got a bit bigger list of new stuff for you in the last 2 months :). Hope you like it :)!

For a list of all changes since build15, see the changelog. It should contain all major changes.

Let's look forward for a great Build16 face-smile.png

6 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2010-08-12, 19:26

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disappeared ?? O.o

Yeh, good luck for the build 16 face-smile.png


Thanks for the summing up! Wow, we packed some stuff already... We should really wrap up and release soon.


yeah, there are really quite a lot new features (and of course bug fixes), but there are still two blueprints waiting to be implemented and even more bugs to be fixed. -> list for build16-rc

And let's not forget about the atlantean campaign :).


Hum, why is there no content in the news feed, only the titles?


Sorry for being one of those who 'disappeared' over the summer, I hope to get my 'regular' work in normal pace soon to get working on Widelands again and to make the CMake Blueprint complete for Build16. However, the Fresh Meat stuff has been targetted to Build16 by myself and should, to be honest, be re-targetted to Build17.


Qcs, no worries. Time constraints are tough for everybody.

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